Spiritual Songs for Different Emotions

Grief: Scars in Heaven~Casting Crowns The Other Side~Lauren Alaina Hopeless: One Day~Cochren & Co Brighter Days~Blessing Offor Love Wins~Carrie Underwood Unworthy: Redeemed~Big Daddy Weave Nobody~Casting Crowns You Say~Lauren Daigle I Am Yours~NEEDTOBREATHE Love like This~Lauren Daigle Pumped/Happy House of the Lord~Phil Wickham In the House~Crowder Who Can~Cochren & Co 10,000 Reasons~Worship Together Jesus Happened~Baylor WilsonContinue reading “Spiritual Songs for Different Emotions”

Writers Digest

I’ve been writing a lot I’ve thought and I’ve thought About the fortune and the fame. That could come from writing. Why am I fighting? It’s just not the point of the game. The game of poetry Is to push a little change. Somethings got to give. In this world that we live. I can’tContinue reading “Writers Digest”

Most People are Good

Deaf to the sound Of the little children crying. We don’t talk about How the little ones are dying. Ignition flipped to the off position. I can’t help but warn Of the social opposition. Where one is better than the other. Yet we hide behind the same mask. A smile strecthed across the cover. BehindContinue reading “Most People are Good”

Music & Dust

This poem; a little bit unrated I would like to rhyme for music Unadulterated Woke up one morning Chills rushing up my spine. That feeling once The acoustics roar. It gets me everytime. Flesh and bone. A mind an ocean tide. Searching for home. Yet no where is home And no place to Ride. RideContinue reading “Music & Dust”

Classic Car

Much of the ways we grew up Are steady dwindling away. But there is one moment in time Steady here to stay. The moment that Grandpa Drove around the Blocks. We dream about the days Independent and free Punching in the clocks. Then that Man reminds us The joys of Classic Rock. Riding into theContinue reading “Classic Car”


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