Benefits to Quitting Caffeinated Beverages 101 🚫🥤🧋

#1 More Control to the Digestive Tract 🤎

As much as one doesn’t care to think about how the stomach processes the foods he or she eats; it’s a HUGE deal. Any Doctor would tell you that.

I’m sure one can agree it’s a sensitive subject but Colon Cancer is real, Bowel blockage is real, Asophogus Cancer is real, and many others that deal with the stomach and digestive health. Yes, there is certainly a color, shape, size, and texture it’s supposed to have.

Whether it’s talked about in a Doctor’s office or I mention it on my blog, this is an important topic to assess. One can take Metamucil and Multivites to regulate it. But wouldn’t it be great if the body naturally balanced all these Vitamins. It does do that!!

Coffee, Tea, and Soda are sure delicious, but they mess with the bodies incredible processing system it already has built in. Among other things I will touch on later in this article.

#2 It’s not Taboo anymore. It’s cool to quit an Addiction to better ones health. 🚬 🍷☕️

85% of adults in the US drink Coffee on a daily Basis. Is it really “cooler” to do what everyone else is doing or is it “unique” or “Bold” to say “No, ma’am, I don’t drink coffee.” I mean one could be of the few people who do not need this substance to perform well on day-to-day activities.

One might stick to a goal they set for themselves especially if they’re generally a person who gives up on goals. I will touch on tips for breaking the addiction later on in this post.

#3 Become tapped in with Natural Energy 💪

There are many things one can do to get energy from other sources. I will make a list below:

  • Exercise
  • Crisp Air
  • A Shower
  • Stimulating foods such as Mints or a Sour Apple
  • A heating Pad
  • Certain Breathing Exercises
  • Stretching
  • A Proper Sleep Schedule
  • Reading something Interesting
  • Playing a Video Game
  • Massaging the face or Scalp
  • A Sunlight
  • Music or a Podcast
  • Essential Oils
  • Putting your hair up
  • Splash cold water on your face
  • Stay hydrated
  • Call a Friend
  • Plan your day to stay busy

There are countless other ways to stay awake and focused and to be quite honest, it’s all self care too which is important for overall well being other than being alert after giving up the habit.

#4 Anxiety Changes

The whole nervous system gets a shock of energy when one drinks a strong Caffeinated beverage. How about that. The word Nervous has the word Nerve right in it.

Heart rate increases along with perspiration, leg shaking, fast talking, fidgeting. All the signs of Anxiety will multiply when one has a Strong Caffeinated beverage.

I say Strong because tea in general is mild when it comes to Anxiety, in my personal experience. But that is because the average cup of Joe has about 80 mg of Caffeine. While a cup of tea has approx 20 mg or less.

#5 One could Lose Weight

This is a big topic discussed throughout many Podcasts and Blogs I have noticed. People want to be Fit now. Not even just skinny but Fit which is quite honestly, in my opinion, how it should be taught to children too.

Getting right down to it, Mtn Dew has 50g of sugar. Now if you look up images of what 50g of sugar looks like compared to a 20 Oz bottle… you would be in shock how much sugar one may be digesting in Soda alone. If one were honest with themselves, it’s not worth the numbers on the waistline.

Because it works like this with sugar, Complex sugars are what’s in Fruits like Strawberries, Bananas, Apples…etc. Simple sugars are what’s in processed food & drink such as brownies, cake, and soda. And complex sugars take way longer to process while simples sugars are generally converted to and stored as FAT. It’s not the fats in food that is causing obesity, it is sugar, simple sugars.

There’s also of course the calorie deficit if you’re looking for a reason to give up Soda. An average Glass of Soda of any kind is going to carry 150-200 Calories. So that is 1,050 Calories/week of non nutritional calories on the low end (150). Or almost 55,000 Calories/Year. If one did not touch Soda for a year and that was the only change, they may lose 15 pounds or more!

#6 No Dependence

The biggest complaint I had giving of Caffeine was the pulsing, raging headaches. They will happen but honestly is that how I want to live my life. Like “Oh man, if I could just get some hot bean water, I wouldn’t feel so bent out of shape.” Not at all.

I want to be able to head on a road trip and not have to stop for coffee or else I’m going to be irritable. I don’t want to be one of those people who just absolutely cannot associate with anyone until I’ve had my coffee. I don’t want to live like that. I think I would prefer an overall steady flow of energy throughout the day.

#7 Better Sleep Quality

I feel like everyone does this at some point in this order.

  1. Drinks a Big Gulp Mtn Dew
  2. Pops a Melatonin
  3. Remains Awake

Or maybe just me but I swear to you there is nothing worse than when I put a proper bedtime off my mind and just go for the soda. And then, I’m Awake at Midnight. There are some that say, if you’re going to drink coffee in the afternoon, make it before 2pm. But many do not consider the Soda past a certain time.

Caffeine will reek havoc on a sleep schedule or how soundly/deeply one sleeps. I believe this even for a person who drinks coffee right after waking up. There is a certain difference for a coffee drinker and a coffee quitter.

#8 Less Tums/antacids

Many Brands of Soda have proven high acidity which wares down tooth enamel and bone density in general. Coffee/Soda may also be the reason one may have to reach for an an over-the-counter antacid often.

#9 A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Dental Health is Huge and can go south if one drinks coffee/soda often. It just wears down the enamel and stains teeth so greatly. I will say that because I look in the mirror right after a good tooth brushing, then I look in the mirror after coffee, and my teeth are stained already.

#10 Less Impulsivity

Again, one will start to feel a consistent energy level throughout the day but also, it’s easier to maintain energy levels. So when one may start to feel to Manic or a heightened sense of self, it is way easier to come decisions without a stimulant. And one may make smarter desisions.

#11 Financial

It Costs roughly $7 for a coffee these days. Even if you only go get coffee once a week, you could save $28/Month or $330/Year. I would consider that when going to purchase coffee.

#12 Coffee is a Diuretic

It literally may be the reason one may need to urinate frequently. It can also be the cause then of dehydration. I would be wary of this when consuming too much coffee/Soda.

How to Break the Addiction for Good:

Here are some things you will (Possibly) need:

  • Bottle of Tylenol
  • Something warm to put on your head if you get a headache
  • A sports water bottle with measurements, I have a photo of mine below.
  • Decaffeinated coffee
  • Support from a friend or family member
  • A plan to get good sleep each night
  • Atleast 7-Days for resting or just not too much socializing
  • A journal to write down changes noticed
  • A motivational video on hand or signs put by your coffee maker

There may be other things but the biggest thing you need is your “Why am I doing this?” Reason. And it’s got to be a good one or you might not stick to it.

It should take 5-7 days to stop feeling withdrawal effects, and for some it could take longer. So keep comfort for those few days and my advice is to take moment by moment and recognize when you’re getting snappy and put it to a halt.

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