Writers Digest

I’ve been writing a lot

I’ve thought and I’ve thought

About the fortune and the fame.

That could come from writing.

Why am I fighting?

It’s just not the point of the game.

The game of poetry

Is to push a little change.

Somethings got to give.

In this world that we live.

I can’t help but notice isolation.

How about this for dedication.

Even sitting here typing.

My conscience is striking.

I hold all this guilt in my heart.

That I don’t use my talent behind this hidden art.

I’m sorry to my unknown reader.

I cannot outrun the truth with a lie.

Yes I ate an entire pumpkin pie.

Yes I want the extra fries.

Adding a bit of humor

Strategies to attract my consumer.

I would never ever want fortune or fame.

Because that’s not what I strive to do.

I do not want people to know my name.

Actually the point would then miss.

The point is this. I can’t stress this enough.

Life is getting pretty rough.

Nobody gets along.

Everytime a fact is spoken.

Someone throws their opinion token.

The fact is this

The fact people often dismiss.

Let people live their life.

And you go live your own.

But when we get together.

It’s like a broken home.

It’s unity we strive for.

But the unity we strive for.

We throw right out the window or the door.

Peace upon peace is all we need.

Let’s just sprinkle a little love seed.

It’s time we start within ourselves.

Let go of doubt and the fear.

Start being real people.

With a stream of tears.

Let’s tell each other we’re not alone.

Let’s put most high gratitude

Followed by compassion.

And just an optimistic attitude.

A wise woman once taught me.

The thoughts we put inside our brain.

I know this is going to sound insane.

But those increments of thought.

Manifest a greater truth about our entire livelihood.

We need to get off these six by three computer screens.

And go hug our grandma like we’re more than just machines.

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