Would You Lie with Me and Just Forget the World

A beloved family member of mine asked if I would like to take a nap with them this morning. I said no at first and that I would just wait for her. I said I would sit right there across from her and be right there when she woke up.

But then I know how hard the world can be. How she lost her Husband a few years back. The only love she ever knew. How she sometimes can’t afford bills or groceries. How her health is not like it used to be.

So deep down I think now about the Song by Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars. This song has always hit me in the emotions.

Next time when this beloved one asks if I would like to take a nap, I’ll say “Sounds Amazing”. Because that song vibrates in my heart.

Would you lie here?

Would you just lay here?

Would you lie with me and JUST FORGET THE WORLD.

That certainly does sound incredible. If you’ve got someone in your life who you cherish. Who is half your heart. Who would do anything for you. This can be such a freeing feeling.

I embrace these moments because I know life is precious and time is borrowed and we NEVER EVER know how long we have with someone we love so dearly.

So yes. I will lie with you and just forget the world. Over and over again. Thank you beloved for showing me what life is all about. If I am wise beyond my Years, it is thanks to you and these 21 years from my first breath and the first time you held my hand.

I am forever grateful I get to spend my time with you. Because if forever was a minute, I would spend it with you.

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