How I lost 7 pounds in a Month

I did not do a lick of exercise. I was actually quite sedentary. But through diet alone, in January 2021, I lost 7 pounds. I went from 182 to 175. I have not kept this weight off but I think this method is noteworthy.

My method is eat whenever you want just choose wisely. We all have seen the “My Plate” of some sort in school or at the Dr’s office. We all know what foods we should and shouldn’t eat.

A lot of us know what foods have antioxidants just based on color and type of berry. I basically stayed away from ANYTHING in the pre- packaged isles. I didn’t eat chips, granola bars, cereal (with the exception of plain cheerios), or just anything pre packaged. That takes away 8 or more isles in a grocery store.

To break it down, here is a list of what was on my “To Eat” list:

  • Baby carrots (Vitamin A)
  • Plain cheerios (whole grain)
  • Greek Yogurt (protien)
  • Bananas (Potassium)
  • Romaine lettuce (Fiber)
  • Apple slices (Fiber)
  • Turkey sandwiches (low carb bread/lite mayo)
  • Cheddar Jack Cheese (No carb)
  • Eggs (protien)
  • Bacon (low carb)
  • Pickles (0-5 Calories)
  • Cranberry juice (appetite suppressor personally)
  • Cashews (Protien & healthy fats)
  • Subway foot long once/week

List of things off limits:

  • Soda/pop
  • Cake, icecream, donuts
  • Little Debbie snacks or gummies
  • Fast Food
  • Sugary coffees
  • Chips
  • Pastas all together
  • High carb bread
  • Pizza
  • Starchy foods like potatoes

We did eat at Subway about once a week. And I got a foot long on Italian herb and cheese. On my husband’s diet which I’ll talk about later, he used flat bread which is low carb.

Losing 7 pounds in a month was not fast at all. It equals 1.7 lbs per week. So it gives your body time to heal stretch marks before they even start. Because losing weight too fast can cause stretch marks the same as gaining weight too fast.

Also if you lose weight fast, you have a harder time keeping it off. Same goes if you do yoyo dieting or crash diets. You lose it but don’t change your lifestyle so the weight either packs back on slowly or right away. But it does come back with some diets so you have to be careful.

But imagine if I did this diet every month which is the plan. It equals 84 lbs in a year which is huge!! Success is the result of small steps made every day.

It’s like I said, this is a non-exercise based plan. Which seems easy but different medications cause cravings or it might not be suitable for some people. I also ate WHENEVER I wanted food. But it’s just whatever choice of food you make, you make it nutritional and with complex sugars like in fruits vs simple sugars like in donuts. And you might feel better not ingesting do many preservatives and artificial flavors and food colorings. I suppose this could be called a whole foods diet. But it worked for me and I hope it can work for someone else.

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