Real Transformation from Hair Products

An honest hair product review worth scoping out. Herbal essence was the worst product. John Frieda & Raw Sugar was the best Product. And Hask was lukewarm between the two. But the differences considering timing is substantial.

Photo 1: (May 1st) using Herbal essence Tea Tree. I think my hair was damp but my hair always looked and felt like straw and would hardly grow and was thinning like crazy.

Photo 2: (May 24th) 3 weeks after using John Frieda Volume Lift plus Raw Sugar Healing Power 2x/week. Plus an at home trim of 2 inches.

Photo 3: (June 3rd) Still using the Frieda and Raw Sugar 2x/week and my hair got super shiny and wavy everytime I washed it.

Photo 4: (July 20th) We had a bit of a rough spot and I started using Herbal essence again and it was horribly drying on my hair once again.

Photo 5: (August 3rd) Used what I had left of MY FRIEDA product (2 washes worth) and it transformed my hair once again!!

Photo 6: (Sept 6th) Another rough spot and using the Hask Argon Oil Formula and its alright. Not so much drying. But it makes it dull and less voluminous. /: 3 stars compared to John Frieda!

I paid $5/Bottle at Walmart.
I paid $9/Bottle at Meijer
I paid $10/Container at Meijer.
I paid $9/Bottle at Meijer.

Hope this helps a Gal who’s a bargain hunter like myself but also wants her hair to shine and bounce!!
Also No retouches on any photo. Some are indoor some are outdoor. But I didn’t curl or crimp or use any styling product. Just let it dry naturally and took a photo.

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