Sleep Soundly & Awake Rested Every Day

#1 Your body has a killer natural clock!

Our bodies naturally produce serotonin when the sun comes up. This explains why, after a restful night, morning people wake up happy and ready to be productive. It also produces a natural brain chemical called melatonin. It simply let’s your body know the sun is going down and it’s time to tuck yourself into bed and snooze. We were naturally meant to sleep during certain hours at night.

I would choose a good 9 hour window between 6pm and 7am. For some, that could be 9pm – 6am. But if you’re like me, you’ll have things to get done at 3am so I choose 6pm – 3am and it has become a natural sleep schedule for my internal clock.

#2 Save coffee and soda for Earlier in your day:

I would not drink coffee past 1pm if I know what is good for me. Coffee stimulates the nervous system and has a 5 or 6 hour window where it wears out of your system. I would save it for the morning where it won’t disrupt your sleep quality later on.

#3 Make the Bed in the Morning

I would jump right out of bed and make it every morning. Even just adjusting the covers. You wouldn’t want to sleep in a mess at night. And you certainly wouldn’t want to fight that fitted sheet when it’s time to be winding down. It’s also a tip my father taught me from the military. Just make your bed in the morning. It may just jump start your day.

#4 Natural Sleep Aids

Melatonin is natural. Our bodies naturally let us know it’s time to sleep. It’s great, but unfortunately some people need a little extra boost. Maybe even every night. Luckily, Melatonin Sleep Aids don’t cause any unwanted side effects. Meaning it is a safe supplement for children and adults. I take 3-5mg of Melatonin every single night at 5:30 to fall asleep by 6:30 and it never fails me. Also, don’t give up on the drug all together if one supplement doesn’t work. I paid $20 for a bottle of Nature’s Bounty Sleep 3 (10 mg). Absolutely useless….for me!! It may work like a charm for others. I use Sundown Naturals Melatonin now and I tell you 5mg of that one, and I’m out like a light and yawning a half hour after taking.

#5 Take care of any small thing before

Locking the door, setting alarms, know where your keys and wallet are, charge your phone. Do all the little things before bed so your not building energy trying to do these things in the midst of falling asleep. When you start to move your body, it might wake itself up.

#6 Eat dinner 3+ Hrs before bed

I am very old for 21. I eat dinner at about 3:30 or 4pm. This gives my body its time to process so its not rumbling while I’m sleeping but also not empty. It’s just a good neutral feeling.

#7 Warmth

You might sit by the heater, use a heating pad, drink hot coco. Any sort of warmth you can bring your body will make it toasty and sleepy. Warmth can be a wonderful natural sleep aid.

#8 Don’t plan events past bedtime

I’m an adult. I will flat out tell someone, that kind of cuts into my bedtime. Could we plan for another time or day? And most of the time, they totally get it. When you got sleep as a priority, I can’t explain it, but every thing else falls into place. That 9 hour window is definitely key to healthy living.

#9 Test your background noises

Some sleep just fine with a fan. Some want complete silence. Some people need a little TV on low in the background just enough to hear what they’re saying. I do the TV plus fan bundle myself. The fan is the white noise. And if I’m having a day where I’m overthrowing a ton, maybe I need to hear Roseanne and it takes me to another world. I’m just distracted from other worries that cross my mind going to sleep.

#10 Set your workout accordingly

There are some people who workout in the AM and some in the PM. When you choose the timing of your workout, try and see if it disrupts or helps your sleep quality. It could help it. You could get all sweaty a couple hours before bed and it gets you to sleep faster because it tires you out. Or it could do the opposite and wake you up. Then it’s probably best to do your workout in the AM hours.

#11 Sleep in a quality bed for you

If you sleep on your stomach, you need a bed that supports your hips. I believe this to be a firm bed. If you sleep on your side, you may need a bit softer. I think if you sleep on your back you might want to lay out flat to get the most benefits so somewhere in the middle would be fine. Also, if you sleep on your stomach especially, you got to find a flat pillow or you could have neck problems on your hands. I just think a proper pillow and mattress are ideal to great sleep.

#12 No screen time a half hour before bed

I know this counteracts the sleeping with a tv on thing. But (I hope) your TV isn’t an average 1 ft from your face. Lay off the cell phone use a half hour or even 15 minutes before sleeping. You don’t want to be in a texting war with someone right before bed. Even on dark mode, it will cause your retinas to wake right up.

#13 Meditation

I use an app called Breathe and it is amazing what controlling your breathing can do for your sleep. It will relax you in you do it properly. There is a calming instructor. You can choose how many rounds. It’s free….etc.

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