Just look around you

We live in such a fast paced world. Sometimes I swear it seems like we just go to work…go home and make dinner..go to bed..and just wake up and do that over again.

It might seem like lately hobbies are a bust. You sit down to journal or read and your mind draws a blank. It seems like this is the point in life to just burnout. To become like a machine doing the same routine day in and day out with little maintenence or repairs.

That sounded really depressing, right? But that’s just where we are at. With no end in sight. How can we thrive spiritually and emotionally in such a image centered, technology controlled world.

I would like to begin with a philosophy my grandfather had. Listen to the trees whistle. Then look up and admire how tall they are. Then you will think how much bigger the world is than any problem you have.

He was a man of nature, my Grandpa. The daylight signifies things. At dawn, the sun rises signaling a fresh start. A chance to feel better than you did the day before. A chance for a better mood and a fresh outlook. Only if you think of it that way. That is where perspective comes in.

The sunset, however, is the time to reflect deeply. To prepare your body for this new day. This is a time to relax and look up at the stars. The imagery of the universe right up there in the sky is enough to calm any tension we collect throughout the day. It’s the time to focus sharply on our strengths and count what we are most thankful for.

I am making this post to show people there is greatness in simple things. If you look around and appreciate the Breeze on a hot day. Appreciate having running water even if it’s not filtered. Appreciate your health even if you’re not as slim as you would like to be.

When you look around, what is it that you see? More importantly, what are you putting in front of your senses? Is it the news? Or do you watch movies that take you to another place and utilize your imagination? Do you surround yourself with people who build you up and grow with you? Or people who lean negative bringing down your good mood?

Those are all things to look at. But look inward at yourself. In the midst of the chaos of the world, would you remain at peace internally? Could you take the time to meditate, stretch, drink water, take a hot shower or bath, or journal? When you stop and look around, life still has a lot of goodness.

Perspective is what you look for in the world. If you look for the laugh of a child or the howl of a puppy or the whistling of trees and plant life life is pretty great. But if you look for judgmental looks, how bad your weight has gotten, how horrible a singer you are, life may not be enjoyable and you may miss a ton of love and greatness.

So I say, just look around. Just be wary of what your mind and eyes perceive things as. The energy you give off is the same energy that comes back to you.

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