Mysteries of Heaven

One of my favorite quotes is from Corinthians: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”

We have all seen cartoons growing up like Yogi Bear & Flinstones that shapes an imagination. No mind has imagined.

I don’t know what heaven looks like. But I imagine we meet with our family that passed on. And they are healed and racing you like you used to race them. Only this time, they win!!

I believe there will be colors and wildlife we’ve never seen. Total healing of our relatives from the creator, the original craftsman of our bodies.

I believe there will be arts, dancing, rejoicing, running, and cooking like here on earth. Only everything will be much more enjoyable in Heaven. I believe tastes like we’ve never tasted. I think our senses will be heightened.

I, myself, believe there will come a day for the Gathering of Israel. The children of God. Families that have departed will rejoice and stand hand in hand in the Promised Land. The land God has promised since the beginning of our earthly time.

Another thing is, I know a lot of people who worry if they will make it to heaven. I have a deeply rooted belief that just maybe…everyone may go to heaven in the end. This could be totally wrong. But we are born into sin. We have a choice to choose Jesus indeed. But when I look at world leaders, just a little boy or girl. I believe everyone is in fact a child of God. And that he loves us all very much. All the trauma, neglect, anything that caused a poor spirit might be healed by Jesus. I think anyone can be healed by Jesus.

I think we will all be whatever age we were healthiest at. Not only that, but I believe we will be taught how to exercise and diet properly in heaven. I think we’ll still have to work for our fisique but won’t have a mcdonalds nearby to “Mccheat” on that diet.

I also do not think there will be marriage in heaven not including the fact that Jesus’s red letters indicate no one will be given away in marriage but that we will be like the angels. I believe there will be community like we’ve never seen before.

I’ll tell you, I don’t know anything about heaven. And maybe that’s ok. It’s fun to ponder on but at the end of the day, no mind can imagine. The Beauty. The scenery. The companionship, love, and faithfulness God freely gives. That’s right. God is faithful to us to. We’re a bunch of monsters sometimes but he has said time and time again he will never leave us nor forsake us. One of these days my kind people, he will welcome us into his Kingdom and we’ll finally understand why they call it Grace. When Jesus felt all the wickedness of the world. It saved people just like you and me. 💜 And that, I’ll stand by.

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