What it’s like doing Hotel Housekeeping 🧽🪣🧺

I recently got a Job at a Resort. It is 2 stories and has about 60 rooms and a pool. I interviewed on June 7th and started on June 9th, 2022. So I’ve been working for exactly 3-weeks now.

The interview was pretty easy. I had a whole list of interview answers to give but they mainly explained my responsibilities and I was to call them the next day with my response to them.

My Trainer is the kindest person I’ve ever known in a workplace. If I had any questions at all, they were never the wrong questions. Basically, she is a hard worker and I know this because she gets every inch of the rooms and goes above and beyond in her rooms. And the guests are important to her. I’ve noticed all the women I work with sort of have a “Does this look sparkly clean to a guest?” Approach.

Since I got in there, we were kind of short staffed but nothing we couldn’t handle. Now things are looking up in that area. We just may be fully staffed soon.

I have noticed house keeping is pretty laid back as long as you clean how you’re taught and don’t miss things. I can listen to music where I work or the news on YouTube. Just so long as it’s appropriate.

Where I work, we wear Navy Blue scrub tops and capris or Khakis with Tennis shoes or Sneakers. You’ll definitely want comfy shoes. There’s not a part of your work day you’re not on your feet. I could get in 10,000 steps just at work. And I know that because I did just the other day. I recommend sketchers arch fit.

Sometimes, to be kind, I need to take care of some of the laundry. Like if the washer stops and I’m going to grab more towels, transferring the clothes to the dryer is very helpful. Matter of fact, that’s a goal of mine is to help with laundry more.

I am lucky to be fully trained by 4th of July weekend. My coworker told me it’s the busiest weekend and it gets easier after that. Probably after school starts is when most businesses slow down.

So far, I have made $650 in 3 weeks including tips. Not to mention, I’m aloud to take back the cans I find in rooms. The first week was the slowest because I was in training but I think hours are going to start to pick up.

The struggle is….I really don’t feel like cleaning my house. That could be the initial part. Where I’ve made so many beds, I look at my messy bed and am like “Nah.” Now I don’t know if you know the biggest rule in life, but if you start your day by making your bed, there isn’t anything you can’t do for the day. I live by that rule. Then I just clean from there.

I just need to get motivated in the morning is all. I do have my point system where I spread my chores out throughout the week. It gives me about an hour of chores a day. Anyways, there is a lot of ways to fix not wanting to take care of house chores when you clean everyday for a living.

I do know it’s pretty fun where I work because the team is friendly. And that is one thing to remember when you’re a housekeeper, you work as a team. I think one way I could be more part of the team is helping more with laundry or asking a coworker if they could use a hand with anything. Because I know they might do and have done the same for me. Even if it’s just making their beds or bringing them supplies.

I would recommend taking a shower in the morning before work and braiding your hair. When you get out of work, your hair will be wavy. If you’re like me, housekeeping will tend to make you sweat a lot in the summer. So to avoid heat rashes, shower before work and maybe after.

Remember that your time outside of work is precious. I work about 5 hours a day 5 days a week. So about 25 hours a week. And it’s important to have a life outside of work too. For instance, my husband and I went and seen Lightyear in theaters for date night. Or you must read, ride a bike, journal, cook or spend quality time alone and with others.

Tomorrow evening, I will be going to a barbecue after work at my mother’s. That is quality time. Life is a journey, not a race. You’re not born to work until maybe enjoying retirement after age 60. Life starts now. After work and on weekends.

But overall, the hotel I work at is clean. If you’re going to work at a hotel, have standards. I would recommend that. I could have worked at 3 other hotels in town but chose this one because…it’s a resort and I know they are clean and responsible when it comes to roaches or mites of any kind. No place is perfect but find a place you fit perfectly.

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