What’s not to love about Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Clothes aren’t sticking to your skin. Thank you summertime in the east coast. And it’s not so cold, you always have to be wearing socks. Giant wool socks at that.

In the fall, your tires are not spinning up in the snow that covers the drive way by a foot. You’re also not swatting away sweat bees & Mosquitos. But enough about what fall isn’t…lets talk about what it is.

#1 Fall Activities

I love running & jumping on my trampoline more than I want to admit. Music in my ears and fresh air. But the air isn’t only a comfortable 50’s to 60’s in temp. The air smells clean. The crisp air wakes you up. And the fog in the morning is also beautiful in the Valley or in the woods. The trampoline is also stiffer when you go to jump on it & unless it’s the rainy part of fall…no bugs and hardly ever wet when you get on it. Just cool to the touch. So you put on your big hoodie and wool socks and jump the day away. Did I mention that running in the fall is good for your lungs and can even support immune health? That is a major bonus.

#2 Fall Cleaning

You ever mopped your floor really well, sprayed Febreeze Pumpkin Spice and just sat down to watch your favorite sitcom? It is literally the best feeling. Your house is clean and you have nothing better to do than to sit in the coolness watching Roseanne or How I met your mother. There is also never a better time than to clean out clutter…you won’t get too hot in the process and you’ll thank yourself for it in the spring. Spring cleaning is good but it can also be the time of year that the humidity starts to go up. You never want to move furniture and clean like a mad woman in the heat.

#3 Fall Photography… especially in the 2-week foliage!!

Samsungs Camera has come a long way to say the least and what better way to use it than to capture to beauty of nature. Whether you’re going on a hike solo or surrounded by friends, you can take beautiful up close shots. Photographs of buildings in the fall or tbe lake. The firey red & orange hues especially around a barn thats chipped or a local park can be remarkable. It could also make way for some cash selling canvases with your photo printed. People pay big money for that sometimes. A good place to print these canvases is on Free Prints.

#4 Dig out cute fall apparel

The Jean jackets for pumpkin picking & hay rides. The cardigans with a necklace to compliment it. You can make so many combos!! Not to mention, you can choose from so many styles of boots. I know I sound like a crazy fashion lady but I definitely geek out when it comes to choosing an outfit for just the right weather, that is functional, and stylish. Scarfs, Bracelets, purses, boots, belts, even broches can make for a beautiful, sassy fall outfit.

#5 It’s the months where Halloween/Horror movies are in style

It’s not going to seem weird if you watched Halloween town, Charlie brown the great pumpkin, & the Halloween series all in 1 day in the fall. It’s an excuse to sit back with hot chocolate or…iced hot chocolate…and watch whatever your weird little heart wants this time of year. Which it is a time for scary movies, sitcoms, Halloween themed cartoon episodes.

#6 This is the time do do arts & crafts if there ever is one

I loved a project that we did in school where we went outside and got some dry leaves, got some crayons, put the leaves under the paper, and scribbled over the flattened leaves & paper. It made the picture look like a cluster of leaves. Or you can watch Many crafts shows to get ideas or look on pinterest. Maybe, if you have children, you can decorate a bucket for all the Halloween candy. 🎃

#7 Just enjoy all the crisp, cool weather

A solo hike sounds like a great idea or a bike ride with your coffee. Or you can go to a coffee house & grab one with a friend. There aren’t many days where it’s just perfect weather. Even if it’s raining, the fall is perfect temperatures for comfort even with a light sweater or sweatpants.

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