Bipolar Mania Explained

There are 100’s of treatments for Bipolar Disorder. But at the end of the day, it truly is a life-long illness. But as I always say: Replace the “I” with “We” and illness becomes wellness. So on today’s blog post, I am first going to explain what exactly Bipolar Mania is to those that don’t know. To those of you that do struggle with this, I am going to share some of my tips from experiences over the years. I just hope to help you with your journey.

This is Mania: Have you ever wanted to feel undeniably happy? All your senses are awakened even without coffee. You’re working out consistently. Everything you do throughout your day is productive. Not a moment spent sitting down. If you answered yes to that, You have not came down from a Manic episode…That’s what it is. It’s a week to a month of pure…energy. Like honestly, someone on a Mania high is legit needing to be brought back down to earth. Like sincerely, they are coocoo for coco puffs. Nothing is going to come out right from it…or could it?

Mania is literally a hyperfocused version of you which can actually be frightening to your friends/family. You might Vacuum to underside of couch cushions. Chop off all your hair. Get a tattoo. You have a heightened sense of self-awareness. But not at the same time. Because you can also be inconsiderate and damage relationships or friendships. It’s something to be careful with. And Mania could lead you to a hospital. Just my main tip is do not let it spiral out of control. It can be an incredible gift if you have a certain amount of that energy paired with an antipsychotic.

I’ve been on a few medications to treat Bipolar Disorder and there is one thing in common. They are generally meant to shadow your senses. For instance, I went on a mood stabilizer called Lamotragine/Lamictal and it INHIBITS something called Glutamate…

Do your research please. If I can give you any piece of advice. Look at all the ways your medications can be affecting your well being in reality.

How do I describe it? Numb. Inability to see textures of anything like the arm of a chair or tree bark. I remember walking outside on a cool, crisp morning. And thought…I just started this med back up & this is garbage the way my mind is perceiving the beauty around me. Guess what. ⬆️ Inhibiting Glutamate.

I’ve been on Abilify only since April & I have my focus back a bit. I’m able to hold a conversation. I’m not sleeping 11-14 hours a day. Yeah…that was a thing with Lamictal. It really is numbing…

Well. To be fair, I was also taking Vistril for sleep but I got off that too in April & only felt my senses were hindered the 2 weeks I took lamotragine. It’s real. And it affects the quality of life.

Honestly though, getting right down to it, the proper amount of energy…it really just comes from healthy habits that we all strive to form.

I have multiple blog posts about nutrition & exercise. I been trying to establish better sleep patterns. Drinking more water. Taking Vitamins. You know? Just making any intake good for me. The power of focus is all about brain food which means eating clean most of the time.

Keeping a schedule is also smart for someone who has Bipolar Mania just like any other mental illness.

Basic explaination: A point system where each chore is spread out on a calendar every (x) amount of days and the amount of time budgeted to do all of them equal a set amount of points for the day. It’s worked out swell keeping chores spread out.

Honestly, it gets easier. And I’m always willing to help someone find a sweet spot in their Mania because it’s not always nesisarily a bad thing. I did say people going through Mania are coocoo for coco puffs but I also said they need to be brought back to earth with an antipsycotic of some kind. It’s totally manageable and I hope everyone knows that.

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