Running is Therapeutic 🏃‍♀️

#1 Running brings out the free spirit

As a child, do you remember the days when you would play for hours. Joining in games like duck, duck, goose or playing tag or football. There was is a lot of Running as a child and I believe that to be the number one indicator that the activity can unleash a happy go lucky side of me. That moment when you got new shoes and you wanted to see how much faster you could run in them. It’s wild and free and can be so much fun…as long as you’re doing it for fun.

#2 Do it for the fun!

To my second point. Running can be an excellent weight loss tool. But most people take going for a jog as the equivalent of eating a salad for lunch vs. Fries. It’s not the “fun” or in that case “tasty” option. But it’s so… liberating. You’re sweating, your heart is beating about 150-170 beats per minute. You got good tunes in your ears. It’s a time to reflect and be in sync with your bodies natural abilities. We are meant to run. It’s literally therapeutic. It’s releasing endorphins. One of the “happy” chemicals our body naturally releases when engaging in physical activity.

#3 Best way to get lower body toned

When you run, you work everything from your hips and glutes to your thighs and calves. Not to mention it gets your joints moving around preventing future arthritis and other bone problems.

#4 Super beneficial to the hardest working muscle in your body

It decreases your resting heart rate. That is a plus. It can lower your blood pressure and get blood pumping through your circular system more efficiently. Not to mention it can lower triglycerides (concentration of natural fat/oil in blood), cholesterol, and not to mention inches on the waist line.

#5 Such a personal experience

You get to pick the ear buds, the music flowing through the earbuds (may I suggest Tech9), the cute leggings/shorts and tank top. You get to pick the track or trail you run on. You choose how far and how fast you run. There are endless ways to keep track of your miles, elevation record, and time. Given you have a simple device like a fit bit or I use the Samsung Watch 4.

#6 Jogging can be beneficial for friendships

When you jog with your significant other or best friend, you’re each involved in a healthy lifestyle choice. It means you both have similar goals and ambitions. Finding out your friend actually likes running (I’ve noticed not everyone openly runs, you have to ask) can be an interesting hobby you can share. Then go get a bagel and coffee after. It’s a great bonding experience.

#7 The facial glow

“Omg, you’re glowing!!” ~ something women love to hear even though…it takes hard work and brow sweat to get a glow like this!! 😂 Blood gets circulating and flows to your face more frequently. But you just say “Thank you”

Taken after a simple 20 minute run

#8 Great start to your day!!

Running in the morning is literally the best way…to have a good day. It gives you energy combined with a healthy breakfast. I would not run on an empty stomach even if you just have a banana and some water. But let’s say you usually wake up groggy and low energy. Try going for a 15 to 20 minute run within a couple hours of waking up. (I wake up at 3am). That really kick starts your attitude, ambitions, gets you thinking clearly. Plus, you get to enjoy the scenery and birds chirping outside and the sunrising up in the air.

#9 Strong immune health

Running (especially in chilly weather), can be extremely beneficial to your immunity. Contrary to being told “Get in the warm house! You’re gonna catch a cold!” Being out in the cold can actually…prevent a cold. Given it’s ability to strengthen the immune response.

#10 Weight loss

Weight loss should be the last reason someone should run. You should run it for the “feel good” reasons….but we should talk about how this cardio exercise can shave inches off your entire body. The body loses weight starting from the last place it gained it. A half hour of running/day..burns 300 cals/day or 2,100 cals/week resulting in essentially losing 2.5 pounds a month running 30 minutes a day…of fat!!

You can run with the doggies, too!!


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