John Frieda & Raw Sugar

The whole month of May, I have been using John Frieda to shampoo & Condition my hair every other day & Raw Sugar Healing Power for my hair and it is fantastic the results I got. I trimmed a half inch off on the first photo (Week 1) & 3 inches off the last week of the month to get the hair even looking (Week 4).

The first thing I noticed was the hydration it gave… the sweet moisture my hair has been begging for, this mask has provided. You put it on after shampooing your hair. It says shampooing & conditioning but…I think conditioner is a waste if you’re about to put on a “deep conditioning mask”. Not to mention when you shampoo, the strands/pores are opening to get cleaned then they close up after you rinse the conditioner out…

Anyways you leave the mask on for 10 minutes (no longer). And it says “Prepare to shine”. They aren’t kidding. My hair felt like liquid silk rinsing it out. And after I blow dried it…super soft and I believe it made the color in my hair stand out over the weeks! I have been putting this on my hair 2x/week and I notice, it does not feel like straw like other heavy products. I believe when it feels like straw, you don’t rinse it good enough. But it feels lighter. You don’t often find that with a deep conditioner. Often times, it leaves hair greasy/Oily. Not this one.

Raw Sugar also sells a mighty curls deep conditioner. This is what mine looks like (Healing Power):

Healing Power, Meijer, $10

Also, I have been using John Frieda and a woman at the Salon I used to go to ran the scissors down a strand of my hair and said “this is how much wax has built up”…I was shocked and hair can be thick that way but not a healthy thick. With John Frieda, my hair always feels fresh. And if I do need to freshen it up a bit, I use dove dry spray…so soft, shiny, and bouncy.

The John Frieda product I have been using is called Volume Lift and it’s wonderful. Here is a photo:

John Frieda, Meijer, $18/set

And unlike some brands of shampoo & conditioner, I believe the concentration is accurate right from a store. Sometimes Redken or Salon brands are diluted if you don’t buy them from a salon and purchase them off Amazon or from a Retail store. But these seem to do just what they claim.

This is a photograph from week 1 (May 1st) & week 3 (May 19th)
May 1st/May 31st

I believe my hair grew and I would claim that Raw Sugar may have helped. Given this mask goes from root to end…❤️ You can see in the first photo, my hair was dull, brittle, and straw-like but in the second photograph, my hair appears shinier, silky, and moisturized.

I also started using my hair brush more often. Anytime you can get the blood pumping in your scalp by stimuli (with the bristles) you should. You can use the inversion method said to make your hair grow faster…sometimes 2x faster. Hair grows at the rate of ½” – 1″/Month…imagine growing it by an inch a month…permitting you trim a ½” off every 3 Months, hair can grow 10.5″ to 22.5″ in a year vs the 4.5″ – 10.5″ it grows now!!

I’m going to see what taking a Multi Vitamin, eating a balanced diet with the right amount of fats and oils can do along with John Frieda, Raw Sugar, and Inversion…so excited to see what the next year will bring. I’ll post another photo on this in September before my next trim!!

June 1st Vs June 10th

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