FITNESS Journey NOT Weight Loss

August 2021~168 Pounds

I am going to start this off by telling you how I gained weight. It is always important to admit your mistakes so you do not make them again. It’s the first step in the process. First of all, I worked at the McDonalds in my hometown from 2015 to 2019. This is not actually where I gained a lot. I do remember going from 150 pounds to 190 while I was there. I’m assuming it was because when I started working there, I had a sandwich, fry, and drink on break. But when towards the end of my career there, I was consuming 4 or 5 sandwiches, a fry, and a frappe. That was a gross amount.

Your stomach works like this. It stretches to the normal amount you feed it. So doing that every day, my stomach was loaded therefore I ate more at home. Then, in 2019, I quit my job. I got comfortable. Never let your body become sedentary if you can help it. I know when I got in a car accident in 2020, I was forced to become sedentary with 2 broken ribs and a broken ankle.

You have to train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or you will fail. Your emotions will tell you it’s time to binge eat. You had a long day. You’re going through pain or depression. Fight it. Fight the urge to get a massive plate of corn dogs and sit in your chair watching Roseanne. Guys, that was my life. I ate until I couldn’t hold anymore. But anyways, I reached the heaviest I had been in the Winter of 2020. I cried because of how obese I let myself get. I was 220 pounds. That was my heaviest weight. I looked like a buffalo next to my mom. It was a game changer for me.

The year 2021 rolled around. I started working out like a monster. I was following the hip hop abs program plus extra workouts. I went from 220 to 188 by the month of May. Pretty good given the amount I had been working out. Always on the move. I also was eating about the same. Then the fall of 2021, I basically fasted for 2 weeks. I ate here a little and there a little. But I noticed, I got super tiny…but then when I returned to my normal eating habits…pumpkin pie from Costco…I gained 80% of what I lost back. Now I am basically 200 pounds. Okay so now, I need a plan that works long term. I am going to call it my Fitness Journey. I always called it my weight loss journey…but fitness is more long term. My plan involves making good choices for my plate and working out whenever I can doing whatever workout I want at the moment which I will talk about my workout plan more later on in this post.

When I fasted, I basically got down to the right weight, wrong muscle mass. I looked unhealthy. Like a skinny-fat which can be even more dangerous if not the same as being obese. The numbers don’t always show health. You could see my ribs and my collar bone very noticeably. Like it was where people worry. Not a good place to be. Anyways, fasting can be beneficial but not for long term weight loss. It can detoxify, help with blood sugar, and shrink your stomach for what it can hold. But, in my experience, it all gets put right back on. Because when your body needs energy to get through the day, it starts to eat away at muscle tissue without fuel in the tank. Keep the tank full but with what is the question.

In January this year, I was making smarter choices. The whole month, I put the right food in my body. When my husband and I wanted fast food, we got Subway. When I got hungry, my food selection was as follows: Carrots, Apple slices, Romaine lettuce with a little French dressing, cashews, cheddar cheese, wheat thins, and sometimes popcorn. But that was the main foods I reached for when I got hungry. I also made myself a sandwich with turkey and swiss cheese and Doritos on the side but that wasn’t very often. Well, I did that the entire month of January, and ended up losing 7 pounds. I went from 193 to 186…That was incredible results. No exercise either…

That is one thing I want to change this time around. I am going to follow this diet this summer. All 3 months and I am going to update you on my progress month by month. Pizza, Ice cream, cupcakes, Tacos, Fried food is all off limits all summer long. And for exercise, I really enjoy running so I am going to try and run 40 minutes every day and dance whenever I can. That is my goal. I want to lose 6 inches off my waist by fall. And I would like to have new habits. New habits of waking up early to run at sunrise before it gets hot out and doing my dancing every day.

It is also a good Idea to have “Goal Clothes” picked out either ones you have kept around or go out and buy a dress for your height a few sizes too small. So when you put it on, you’ll know you have hit a milestone. I have a dress that is a size 8. I am currently a size 14 dress. I am so excited to go through this Fitness journey to a better, healthier, fitter me.

This was taken tonight 5/29/2022

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