Don’t let it Win

You can wait until it’s sunny

You can wait for more money

You can wait for a car

You can wait for someone to lower the bar

You can wait

But all that waiting

Could make it too late

That light inside may be only a flicker

But that pain you keep held

Gonna create an issue much bigger

You got to smother that pain

You got to suffocate that old you

The challenge can look you in the eye

Intimidate you into quitting

Giving up on your dreams

I know sometimes it might seem

Like the walls are only closing in against you

You feel this pressure bound inside

And on your face

You can’t hide

From the truth

Everyone knows you’re gonna give up

But how incredible

If you didn’t do

What they thought was inevitable

Don’t quit

Don’t quit now

Or it may become a habit

Make your goals appear small

But make out like a bandit

Your enemies

sometimes your friends

They want you to fail

But your mind is not prison

It’s not a jail

Escape your mind

Lose that anxiety inside you

That makes you feel like you’re fight to

Become the best you

Is only a game

Put that damn FEAR to shame

Do you fear you’re not good enough

Like you won’t make the cut

My friend you’ll never know how boundless your spirit is

If you let that light

That tiny flicker

Go out without a fight

Friends will leave you

But at the end of the finish line

All your progress they called IMPOSSIBLE

They won’t be able to close their jaws

Because you are now unstoppable

Not caught up in the media

Can’t wait to post

On that blue and white host

How much they are winning

But your dreams have been silent

That’s why inside you’re grinning

A lion doesn’t have to say he’s a lion

He shows you

Hard work and passion

Driven by your spirit

All these goals your surpassing

Anxiety is a bummer, that’s for sure

But my friend, do you know the cure?

The cure is to let go

Of any demon inside

Anxiety, depression

It’s time to make a confession

The only thing stopping you is you

Look in the mirror now

That’s your challenger

Is the you looking back

The sad you

The defeated you

The old you

Tell yourself every day

You’re an animal

A beast


Do not quit

Don’t fall in that pit

Depression has nothing to offer

Except prison gates made of copper

Depression defeats you inside to out

Let your inner lion roar

Let him shout

Break down those copper gates

Let the prison guard know, he’s got no more to take

You have to get angry at the old you

So that when depression hits you

And you fall down

You get up one more time

And the depression bows down

Because you control it

You get out of bed each morning

The sun rises again

Wake up each morning

Stronger than you’ve ever been

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