The Long Road

That pesky scale can do a lot of damage in a little time. There are women who workout for 6 hours a week and jump on the scale and there is simply no change. I met someone at the Women’s Resource Center who told me about how hard they were working. How intense and how frequent. And yet, after a year of trying, they still find themselves in plus-size clothing. But there are some things you must remember.

The most important thing to keep in mind is a weight loss journey is just that. It’s a journey, not a race. Weight loss leads to a major responsibility. Depending on how you lost weight, your metabolism alone wont keep the weight down. You have to change your diet in general for a lifetime. For instance, come up with a list of foods to snack on. The foods you ate while dieting. These foods should be continually enjoyed even after weight loss.

My List of Healthy foods:

  • Cheddar jack cheese
  • Cashews
  • Apple slices
  • Whole grain toast
  • Fried Eggs
  • Hash browns
  • Air fried French fries
  • Tuna Fish
  • Wheat thins
  • Mixed Veggies
  • Carrots
  • Romaine Lettuce

This is one example of habit change. As is giving up Soda or Sweets. You got to remember, the road to weight loss is long and bumpy. There are women who I know who have taken two years. Maybe you could do that too. Set up different habits for a two year plan. And see where that will take you.

There is a quote I love that says, “No matter how slow you’re going, you’re lapping everyone on the couch.” It’s so true. And no matter how hard you’re working, someone is working harder. You also have to look at the other benefits of diet and exercise. You gather strength. You start out maybe doing 6 push-ups. Then someone says, “Drop & give me 20”, and you give them 25!! While the numbers on the scale climb, it could be leaning out. I would go based on pants size. When you feel your pants getting looser, that is when I would check the scale. It can be very discouraging if you don’t do it because you noticed physical change.

Another thing that stops a lot of people is “I want that summer bod THIS summer.” Then that puts all that pressure on you to drop 40-50 lbs. over the coarse of a winter. Which for one thing is not healthy. You get stretch marks losing weight that fast or a hanging stomach. It’s best to lose weight slow & steady.

I think about weight loss like this: There are only 2 ways to lose weight. There is diet to consume less calories. There is exercise to burn more calories. One of these forms of weight loss is more rewarding in the end. That is working out daily & being active. This is beneficial because it gets blood pumping, creates strength IN YOUR SLEEP. While you’re sleeping, the same muscle fibers you shredded during your workout are healing & multiplying. That’s why they call it “Building muscles”. Plus working out to lose weight will increase metabolism for post-weight loss maintenance.

Diet can be equally important. But you should diet for nutrition. Not to punish yourself with fasting. Nutrition & Activity should go hand in hand. You should burn calories. But you should also take healthy calories in. Soda has sugar and sugar converts to nothing but fat. If you want to be serious about weight loss, take what you eat and drink seriously. For instance, whenever I get hungry, I put a handful of cashews, sliced apples, and a few cubes of cheese on a small plate. The cashews are protein, the cheese is no carb, and the apple fiber is water soluble. I believe this is the perfect snack. I have that with a tall glass of water whenever I get hungry.

I would also think hard about why you’re losing weight.

Here are some reasons why someone would want to lose a considerable amount of weight:

  • To fit into smaller clothes
  • To get curves
  • To have more energy & Not get winded walking upstairs
  • More controlled body temp
  • For your heart & veins
  • To live longer
  • To be able to lift more

These are all great reasons to lose weight but you got to have a main one. And if the main one is specifically to have “The Look” of being fit with none of the mental benefits of taking in better and putting out better. You may never reach your goal if that is your focus. Because when you see no progress after week one or month two of getting rid of cellulite, you’ll get discouraged. Seek treating your body right. Seek feeling sharper mentally.

If you do focus on changing your body, focus on a specific area. For instance, dimples in your thighs or a double chin or your ring size or how your watch fits. All these are signs you’re getting slimmer!! They are something to look forward to and just a tiny physical change you can notice.

Weight loss is a long, bumpy road. But worth it for the “Have you lost weight?” Worth it for healthier appetite. Healthier cravings. It’s worth it for clearer skin. For more energy to get more done. Possibly a better mood. There are so many effects weight loss has on a person. But maintaining weight loss is also impressive and key to the journey. What are your goals for your body?

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