Weight Loss Journal:

I have been running about 25 minutes/day and I try to do that twice if I can. I try to stay busy. I’ve been eating less and better food. So far, I started April at 195 Lbs. Now I am 190 pounds. I lost 5 lbs in a half a month by running just around my yard and eating less. I’ve been trying to do the 22/2 fast but I try to also remember it’s hardly about how much you eat but rather what you eat.

For Example:

In the month of January, I had lost 6 pounds. All of January, I was sitting down to a small plate with an apple in slices and cashews. I also did that for lunch sometimes with a tuna sandwich or turkey sandwich. That is a wholesome lunch or snack. Protien from the cashews, grains with the bread, fish oil with tuna fish. Just an all around good lunch. And low in calorie besides the cashews. Every single time Andrew and I wanted fast food, we went for subway.

I did notice even though in January, I lost 6 pounds, I put it back on & only have one conclusion. Weight loss is not a year long hustle. Its a life style change. A habit change for the long term. Most people need to realize. The scale may not show it right away but if you’re making healthy choices for your body, it will eventually show on the scale.

I am looking to give up soda & coffee creamer. Trade the creamer for milk. No sweets. We are trying to switch to Vegan. No alcohol. I’m thinking a fast isn’t the answer…it’s habit changing. Weight loss is more about what you put in your body vs what you don’t.

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