How to Grow Long & Shiny hair:

This is a blog post I’ve been asked to do with my personal tips on how to grow your hair long & shiny. This is not silky soft hair either because the strands will be thick doing it this way. There are key things I do to make my hair shiny.

#1 Use clarifying shampoo & Conditioner

I use Herbal Essense Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner. Its PH Balanced so it foams and you cab hear it. I leave the conditioner in for 5 minutes in the shower. I also rinse my hair with cold water to close the pores on my scalp. Also don’t use this shampoo & conditioner until you’ve looked at moisturizing options. I would use moisturizing shampoo if I didn’t have an oily scalp. A good moisturizing shampoo is Redkin Soft & Silky.

#2 Try to air dry your hair 2/3 times

I believe air drying with a leave-in conditioner (garnier fructis sleek n’ shine) is the best way to get moisturized ends.

#3 Give your hair a 1/2″ trim every 3 Months:

Every 3 Months, you should do a half inch trim on your strands. This gives it a clean look. You can do it at home or in a salon. I will be doing a follow up blog post on how to cut/trim your own hair right at home. A trim will get split ends off. The hair typically grows a half inch/month. So really your hair only grows 1 and 1/2″ per 3 months. So you’ll gain an inch still but a half inch has got to go.

#4 Use heat tools Sparingly

Heat tools dry your hair out & cause dead ends. Instead, I would braid your hair or curl it into foil or use hair curlers. Just natural ways to get a curl. And if you straighten your hair, make sure you use low heat and a heat protectant.

#5 Try taking biotin supplements:

Hair, skin, & nails or even a multivitamin can be a huge help in the growth of your hair. We do, however, get plenty of Biotin through foods we naturally eat so take a good look at your diet first. You can get biotin from dairy products, potatoes, & different veggies.

#6 Don’t pull your pony

I see a lot of women put up their pony tail and tighten it up and I am so scared for those strands. Its a natural thing to do like at the gym or gardening. But you could be splitting your hair. Same thing with rubbing the towel around your strands.

#7 Massaging your scalp

Massaging the scalp especially with your legs up the wall or head hanging down can be good for stimulating the follicles to encourage more lenth. They call this the inversion method. It can also prevent hair loss or slow it.

#8 Try to only wash it every other day

Washing, drying, and brushing wet hair every day can be a lot for your hair to process. Its delicate. While your hair isn’t being washed for 3+ days, when you brush it, the oil from the top of your head covers your strands and works to be absorbed and moisturize. I would wash every 3 days or once a week if you can. Everytime you brush, your scalp is actually nourishing youf hair to make it naturally shinier.

#9 I would not dye it

Dying you hair makes it dry…I suppose maybe not if you get it professionally done. But I see dyed hair often and it looks fraid and dry like straw. But I would say its safe if you get it done by a professional with the right mechanics.

I have never dyed my hair. I do like my color so that is one reason also my grandma used to tell me I shouldn’t.

I use a straightener twice a week (after my shower & my hair dries. Then about once a month, I curl my hair.

I did cut my bangs. I do sort of regret it because I almost got my hair to one length. That is my goal is to get all my strands to one length. It will be approx. 2 years before my bangs grow to match the rest of my hair. That’s 8-10 inches in 2 years by my calculations.

I want hair that goes town my back for many reasons. #1 reason is it is feminine to have long hair. My #2 reason is there are many styles you can do with long hair of one length. My #3 reason is with proper treatment, long hair can be like silk around you.

I mainly wrote that part to help anyone who thinks about grabbing the scissors because of boredom or they need a change.

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