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Had an AMAZING day today!! Started off by picking up trash in the yard and putting it in the cans getting them all filled. I had a big mug of coffee. (may have some thing to do with all the energy)

It has been rainy all day and 40°F outside. I’m waiting for the trampoline to get cleared off because I could jump on that for hours. Great cardio and it can work all muscle groups!!

Since it was a rainy day, when I got groceries, I bought ingredients to make a Chicken Noodle Soup. My very first time and it turned out amazing. I left the recipe in the link below…It is made with Veggie Chicken Strips I found in the Meijer freezer isle. Tasty with salt added. But of coarse chicken noodle soup can be like that sometimes.

Just when I was thinking about getting groceries and meal planning, Andrew texted me and told me he was out of work early. So we made a day of it for sure.

I’ll admit, we snapped on our vegan diet. Mainly because the amount of ingredients we bought was overwhelming. Thank you Costco. Great store but I swear if you don’t know how much of something you need, I would not go bulk. I bought 10 pounds of brown rice. My recipes didn’t even call for brown rice. I was just like hmmm this looks Vegan. It’s been a weird experience. Different indeed.

Before we got groceries, we stopped and got Taco Bell. Steak Grande burritos. Again not very consistent with our Vegan diet. I just had to find the sweet spot for recipes. When we quit eating meat and consuming dairy for 5 days straight, we actually agreed on being less hungry, like the right amount of full all the time. Never bloated or “stuffed”. And we noticed clearer thinking. I noticed for myself, clear skin and it was generally less Oily including scalp.

We have to take our not-so-baby puppy to the vet today for his immunizations. We got him a pretty orange collar. He’s the most beautiful German Shepard with floppy ears and brown and black fur. He is 40 pounds now. And pants constantly.

I find the best moments with your significant other is just doing your own thing next to each other. Like right now, I am watching Workin’ Moms on Netflix in my sweats and Andrew is watching YouTube. Even if I’m writing in my notebook, he’ll be next to me watching the new Halo Series.

I have got to become more active during the day. You know the person who makes messes in our house. No kids. It’s not the husband. It’s been…me. I literally try on outfit after outfit and just throw clothes every where. It’s become like that quote by Kelly on “The Office”.

so now, I’m doing this new thing, where I just leave piles of clothes on the floor, and I walk around the piles to get an outfit.” ~Kelly

This is Jasmine currently:

Like I said just a lazy-busy day. I don’t know if you ever have those where it’s like 8am – 1pm, you get groceries, go to the recycle center, & do errands like that. Then by 2pm, you’re just in lazy sweats and binging Netflix. Those days are food for the soul.

I definately got some work to do around the house. My Grandma lives next to me in a little 3 acre lot so I want to get her back yard back in tip top shape. I plan on leaf blowing, giving the grass a good mowing every 2 weeks. Andrew invested in electric equipment by Ryobi. So I just charge batteries. Never a need for an oil change again!! He got a weed whipper, mower, and leaf blower. The only thing we need now is a chain saw.

I downloaded Microsoft to-do list because I think I need a Boss. I don’t work but what if, at home, we had a person there to motivate us. To tell us those dishes need to be done by this time. And set your goals for the day. I figure I can make a daily to do and it can boss me around.

Usually music gets me pumped. Like Shania Twain~Lets go girls. I could knock a door down with the energy that song gives me. I also listen to tech N9ne. Or slow songs like Never been to Spain~Three Dog Night. That’s the kind of calm music I need to not be sweaty with a broom and mop screaming. Just kidding. Although Metal heads be like that sometimes.

I have 5 weight loss goals. I am going to update my weight loss journey in a few months if I get results and repost it. It has been a real up and down roller coaster but I realized weight loss journeys never ends. You just develope healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle.

My Top 5 Weight Loss Goals:

  • Drink my 95 oz of water my body requires. I think it’s a half ounce per pound is the general rule.
  • Cook & eat Vegan at home
  • Jump on the trampoline in about 5 days for up North. 60°F & sunny. That’s the sweet spot.
  • Be active by cleaning my house.
  • Start drinking my coffee black again. I love it that way and it is good for Fat Burning.

In general, I’d like to enjoy the outdoors this Summer. My Grandpa taught me that Summer is short and sweet. Enjoy it while you can. Because before you know it. Those 5 months are good as gone and the leaves are changing color again.

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