Why I am choosing to be a Vegan:

I watched a documentary on Netflix recently called “The Game Changers.” It was a show that taught me, well, just about every reason to become a Vegan with visuals, data, and studies.

Here is what I learned:

#1 Fact: Eating animal products caused fat tissue to enter the blood stream. They had tests tubes that showed the blood when it separated. The real meats in the burritos caused much cloudier blood than the plant based meat burritos which were nearly clear.

#2 Fact: Many atheletes have switched their diet to Vegan and come out even stronger. One said “She became like a machine”. Imagine that. Ubstoppable energy. And these Atheletes are becoming just as lean if not more so on a plant-based diet. In fact, as far as records go, the strongest man in the world (who flipped a car over) is Vegan. Someone was wondering how he could be strong as an Ox on a plant based diet. He said “Have you ever seen an Ox eat meat?”

#3 Fact: Apparently Dairy raises the hormone Estrogen as well. For anyone with a hormone imbalance; milk, eggs, yogurt, and cheese may be a curprit. The following article is very helpful in explaining how…


#4 Fact: The B12 Vitamins we generally get from the water or dirt on the plants we eat so B12 is significantly reduced as a meat eater because…

#5 Fact: The animals we eat are the middle men of nutrition and protien. They eat the veggies- the grass, the corn, the carrots. That is how they get the nurtrients and protien in their meat is from the plants they consume then we consume them.

#6 Fact: 83% of the worlds farm land is being used for animal agriculture.

#7 Fact: Men statistically “Function” better on a plant based diet.

#8 Fact: Meat Products in particular raise cortisol levels. The stress Hormone. This can cause weight gain and slow down the metabolism.

#9 Fact: Plant based diets can decrease time needed for recovery after a workout, sport event, or injury in general.

#10 Fact: Meat & Dairy may be just as bad aa smoking when you get right down to it. It increases risk of Heart disease and Heart attacks. Switching to a plant-based diet may be lower risk of cancer, higher percentage of muscle mass (leaner), and the blood will flow through the veins easier and steadier.

#11 Fact: Our teeth are not shown to be made for meat eating. Our teeth show we are meant to grind up plants. Because they are not sharp like many animals.

#12 Fact: Roman Bone remains were tested and they found out that the Romans Bones contained evidence that they were on a plant- based diet. A very nutritious diet.

These are just some of the things I learned on “The Game Changers” and the main reasons I will be becoming a Vegan. More posts later on with the results of that diet. 💙

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