Mind your Success

The mind is a beautiful home for the thoughts. Made up of multiple sections. It is a flower bed to nurture. To plant seeds through reading. To hydrate everyday keeping focus sharp. To challenge it with worthy thoughts. To feed it facts. It’s important to practice breathing to calm the storm inside it.

We all focus on our waist line. Our bank accounts. Our position in life. This type of success may be a great percent more unabtainable without a healthy, vibrant, high functioning, and nourished mind.

The state of your Mental health is the foundation to success in anything. Can’t focus? Big issue regaurding employment. Depressive episodes? Won’t be consistent in a workout plan. Impulsive behavior? Might just pour out the cash you earn on meaningless items in a spree.

I am telling you. Drink H2O, Eat green and lean, Workout, Meditate, Shower regularly, sleep your 7-9 hours, and put your mental health first. You don’t need a breakdown in the middle of your plans. One day off balance can equal failure. That’s not to say one shouldn’t have bad days. Life happens. Obstacles intersect. But the moral of the story is, if you don’t make time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for your illness.

It is an option to fall short of your minds basic needs which could deteriorate your well being. Your minds basic needs as described above effects your entire body. We should all treat our bodies well. But one should make the #1 concern the health of the brain. It’s got nerves, pathways, hormones to affect mood, and hormones to affect sleep. It’s very complex but deserves the priority as much as weight loss or Fat Paychecks.

Imagine your brain aging faster than your body because you neglected it for so many years. 100% avoidable. Increase wisdom. Increase knoweledge. Read & do brain games. Transform your mind. Sharper thinking means you can perform in college or become an intern. Optimism means the scale will not win in weight loss but rather you check the mirror more than that. You notice how lean you’re becoming. Because you train your mind to focus on the positives.

The brain is beautifully set up to work at maximum given the proper, consistent care. Breathing helps oxygen flow easier and releases feel-good chemicals. Embrace that. Embrace all things that will make you wise, factual, and overall interesting!!

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