Hello Summer

It’s stitched on a pillow at Hobby Lobby

It’s engraved in a sunflower necklace

We’re all searching for signs of spring

The moment the Sun hits my face

Is like a Brad Paisley love song

I just can’t wait to sing

Around a Bonfire

With shorts and a Hoodie

With chopped up watermelon

Bob Segers against the wind

Lynard Skynard sweet home Alabama

Mix in Kid Rock

A time when birds chirp in the morning

Sweet tea brews in the afternoon

The only cool air is in a store

Where you get soda and snacks

Only to get back in the car

Roll the windows down

And cruise around the small town

Get on a 4 wheeler and take the longest trail

Under the moon light

Float down a river under the Sunlight

Shopping for sundresses

Fairs and festivals are near

Wearing down the flip flops

Grains of sand between my toes

Bike rides with smoothies

Trampolines and swimming pools

Flowers of every kind

Fruit is at its sweetest

Photographs at the beach

Rainy days with a coffee mug and Netflix

Only to find sunshine the very next day

An iced coffee from McDonald’s

A long walk through town

Hello Summer

It’s your time

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