Handy Everyday Phone Applications:

#1 Family Wall

This app is the bum diggity of the shopping experience. You can organize groceries by category (Fruits, Dairy, household, frozen). You can share recipes. You can put as many members in the household as you’d like. I created a list on the Meijer app once and my husband went bananas about it….Since I had been using family wall, everything is always categorized and he told me family wall is far less complicated.

#2 Free Prints:

You can get 85 free 4×6 prints for the cost of shipping which is $11. At my local Rite Aid, 85 4×6 prints out the door with only glossy finish is $23. More than half the cost and uploading them right at home. And you can also upgrade to a matt finish.

#3 Motivational Quotes

There are a few ads here and there but the Quotes are amazing. You got fitness, faith, money, motivation, women’s, men’s, affirmations. And I believe it goes based on popularity for each category so you always end up with the best quotes. That’s not to say what is popular is better but it does help stay in tune with the world around and maybe give motivation for a workout.

#4 Your favorite restaurant apps

Wendy’s has $3 off an order of $15 or more (at My local Wendy’s) and I never would have known if I didn’t get the app. That turns a $15 order into $12. Go to Wendy’s twice a week that’s nearly a quarter of $100/month. Why not save a little money along the way.

#5 Square Blend

It’s gotten harder to fit your favorite Selfies into the circular profile photo but it gets easier with square blend. Below is an example photo.

#6 My Talking Pet

This app is an adorable way to send someone a happy birthday or happy Easter over text. You can make videos of your pets and it really does look like they’re talking 😂 Plus you can make their voice high pitched like a mini mouse or low like Batman.

#7 Smart Closet

I don’t know if you’ve ever considered outfit planning. An app that shows you your selection of clothes before you even hop out of the warm bed. But this is a great wardrobe inventory app.

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