Senegence Make-up Review

This photo is with Porcelain foundation but I’ve found Almond matches my lighter/rosey skin.


  • Goes on Smooth with a brush
  • My acne has cleared using the foundation every other day and not taking it off at night…never had a foundation clear my skin. Just cover blemishes. I also wear it through workouts sometimes.
  • Not Cakey or Oily but…breezy
  • Almond shade blends really well with fair skin color
  • Moisturizing


  • Goes on smooth for this also
  • Comes in a lip gloss thingy. I never knew it could come like that. I always thought it just came in a pallet
  • Platinum Glitter was the shade I got

Eye Liner:

  • I got the long lasting eye liner and it again goes on really smooth.
  • Most of the time eye liners bother my eyes. I don’t want to say hurts my eyes but I can tell it’s there usually and with this I can’t or barely can.
  • I have cried wearing this eye liner and it stayed on through it all. Loyalty.


  • I have Deep Burgundy lipsense and Crimson. Deep Burgundy is my favorite so far. I can go with or without the gloss called oops remover
  • Goes on smooth
  • Stays on through food & drink
  • At least a 2-3 hour wear out of it
  • 2 coats do it for me


  • It was interesting for sure. I’ve never had blue mascara before. But it was just a hint of a dark beautiful blue.
  • Hardly clumps and if it does you can wipe the brush on the top
  • Beautiful finishing touch to my makeup
Crimson lipsense and Almond foundation

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