Getting more done with Grace in the heart ❤️

I have found out recently that I can get way more done with peace in my heart. Whether it is cleaning my house, running errands, planning my day, writing my blog…I don’t think I could do my daily tasks the same if I didn’t do them calmly with God in the center of it all.

Most recently, I have been coming home to disasters with my 3-month old puppies. A tissue box torn to pieces, vegetable oil spread over my couch cushion or chicken broth. Chords chewed up. I could get angry. I could go through a ton of emotions and thoughts of regret or thinking I’m not fit to handle it. Or I could calmly grab my broom & dustpan and clean the mess they made. Tell them it was bad but not scream it. Although in the moment, I have learned that anger can overtake. But that’s not a good emotion. This can make the puppies afraid of me. It simply wouldn’t do any good. So I just clean messes as they come and try not to get angry with them.

Also recently, Chip & Rooster don’t like to come inside when I call them. They run to the neighbors. But what is weird is I have been losing the bond slowly with them. Mainly because I don’t spend enough time with them. The house is kind of separated between the bedrooms & the kitchen/living room so their accidents happen on lanolium not carpet. Anyways, I tried treats. I tried yelling out their name. Kind of pleading which was weird. But the only thing that worked was patience to stay out a couple more minutes to let them explore and calmly talking them in the door. Oddly enough, when I was just kinder to them, and started spending more time in the living room with them reforming our bond, they have been coming inside no issues.

I have been having a hard time keeping up with my chores. Mainly because tacked on is a list of puppy clean up daily. But the trick once again, patience and peace. Knowing what needs to be done and prioritizing chores so I don’t overwhelm myself. And also not concerning myself with how long each chore will take but actually paying attention to all the scents of freshness and before and afters. If I go into dishes with a deadline or a certain time to do dishes…I will choose a nap. But if I just get my strainer out, set up all my dishes, put on John Mulaney in the background, I will get them done taking my time. And I take it task by task.

We’ve all been a psyco with a broom & Mop maybe when relatives are on their way over. But it’s okay to relax AND clean all at once and maybe not all tasks get done but inner peace is a better reward. ❤️

He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights. ~ Psalms

This means we can leap over obstacles and overcome them with Gods presence. ❤️

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