Fighting Depression

#1 Have your own little space

Whether it be a spare room or a corner of a room or nook in a wall, we all need a place to relax and reflect. Some place in the house that is uniquely your own. My happy place has a desk, flower curtains, Christmas lights, a bed, a tv with Netlfix, cozy blankets and pillows, a space heater. I workout, journal, binge New Girl or Greys, nap, write my blog posts, call my friends. It’s just my own space to clear my head and relax from the day. Everyone should have a space like this and it should be comfy cozy.

It’s my bedroom but also my safe haven. I always make sure this room is tidy

#2 Get a sunlamp

I know it sounds crazy but in the dead of winter when there is not as much sunlight, its not a bad idea to place one of these at your desk or even on the counter when you’re doing dishes in the morning. It does help me feel energized and awake. It might not be the whole package of sunlight. But it does a fine job of imitating it. Its recommended to use it 40 mins – 1 hr/day. Preferably in the morning when you’re having your coffee.

Here is mine. I got it off amazon for $30 a year ago and now I dont know what I’d do without it

#3 Make plans with a friend or relative

Not just in terms of getting out of the house but human connection is something we all need. It’s in our nature to want company. And it can make you feel better just having a phone call with a close friend or inviting your friend over for coffee or helping your neighbor. Human interaction can help with the cabin fever from wintertime.

#4 Try caffeine to boost mood

Caffiene is a natural mood booster found in our favorite bean of all. The coffee bean. I think the energy I get from a Mountian Dew Rise, my morning cup of coffee, my afternoon iced coffee is so much better than when I do not have coffee throughout the day. I mop, I steam clean, I take the dogs out more often. So much more gets done.

Here is me when I have coffee. A little extra razzle dazzle.

#5 Try exersize

Getting blood flowing is important for natural chemicals like seritonin and dopamine to react properly. You can get a mood and confindence boost just by going for a bike ride or indoors wise doing yoga, an exercize video, dancing, maybe lifting weights. Its good for many things but above all exercise gives you a mental boost.

#6 Incorporate Music

Music is good for many things. It’s very individualistic. Every person has their own set of songs. I know for me, certain music gets me pumped for the day or helps me unwind at the end. It helps me when I’m cleaning. Either that or a comedy podcast. My playlist includes Tech9, Jelly Roll, and ICP to get me pumped for cleaning or my workout program.

#7 Try Eating Clean

I would try to eat mostly fruit and veggies. Nothing starchy or full of carbs and sugar. This will all get you bloated. And this makes for feeling terrible a few hours after. I snack on carrots, apples, cashews, and juice throughout the day. Pizza, soda, icecream, pasta, potatoes. That all leads to bloat most of the time. I would have these types of foods around for sure.

  • Apples or oranges
  • Bananas
  • Cashews, peanuts, or pistachios
  • Greek yogurt
  • Berries
  • Peanut butter toast
  • Eggs
  • Carrots
  • Romaine lettuce or spinach
  • Tuna fish
  • Cheese and pickles
Here is a perfect lunch. Turkey and swiss sandwich with apple slices and cashews

#8 Try not to put too much on your plate so you dont let your self down

We have all been a psyco with a broom and mop when we push a big list of things to do to the end of the day. This is bad for mental health. I would make a definately list, probably list, and a maybe list and make sure to prioritize the tasks you’re setting yourself up for. Actually I have a cute little notepad like that from Dollar General.

#9 Start the day with a beauty routine

My routine is to wake up, have my coffee, then eventually workout. Then…

I shower, pick out a cute outfit, brush my hair, blow dry it, style it, put perfume on. I just make sure I take care of how I look because that could directly effect my mood if I don’t feel like I tried.

I did not feel AS good this day
As I did this day

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