Mud Pit

Don’t let the problems in the world suffocate the light inside you. You can be a lion and never stop chasing what you want. Or you can be stuck in the mud looking around for someone to pull you out. Point to your chest. That is what will pull you out. We love with that thing. Give a little to yourself. Do things YOU will be proud of. Not for anyone else but you. Because sometimes your biggest fan is a stranger and your biggest critic is someone you know. Imagine not dwelling in pride but taking care of you so much that you’ve got more to give. More love. More passion. More of a helping hand.

There is someone out there who is happy you exist. I bet there is someone looking forward to seeing you again. Never give up hope. Because hope guides. It leads you to put in applications, call an old friend, or go for a run. And in the end, you might get that job, you might make your friends day interesting, and you might shed weight. But…and this is the key thing….you will never know if you don’t try. I know that is a cliche. Probably one of the biggest but underneath the dirt…undiscovered gold. But the minors would assume it’s dirt until they dig. You will never know if you’ll get the job unless you apply. You may miss out on time with a friend if you don’t realize the phone is a two-way device. You might not know what gymaholic you are if you don’t exercise. Imagine all the diamonds and gold…underneath doubt and regrets.

If you are ever doubting yourself. Remember there is always a start and a finish line but the guy who cuts corners doesn’t get the trophy. But the track might have hurdles It might have mud or gravel. But keep your eyes on the prize. If you are ever regretting the things you have done, just know others have done worse, but your fall back should always lead to a greater come back.

Get up and beat depression before it just suffocates every dream of yours. You are better than that. You are worth more. Think about it. Everyone is dealt a body and soul. Nourish both before one of them tells you it’s time for a day off. Because a weary soul will tell your mind to shut down. And the body will tell you to stay in bed. But excitement is in the sun, a evening bike ride, a walk by the beach barefoot, or in hugging your dog. A day goes by like this. It starts with an attitude of possibilities or an attitude of help me out of the mud pit. Let your heart be free and you may find more to love about life. And maybe life will love you back.

Enough letting depression win. It has nothing for you but a day wasted when you could have made it a day to remember.

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