Letter to my Anxiety

I chase you by foot but it seems you have wheels

You cannot imagine the anger I feel

Angry at myself for shutting the door

Opening it up just to slam it once more

Don’t know how to shut down

All these feelings inside pushing me around

Like the kid in the playground I get knocked to my knees

But I rise up and throw my hands up and I plead

Just let me go

You got me tied up in knots

I can’t eat. I can’t sleep.

Just keep looking at that clock

Ticking so loud

That’s not the only sound getting stuck in my brain

The sound of your voice drives me insane

In fragments they stand

Like sticks in the sand

I try each day to have the decency

To smile and laugh but deep down your defeating me

Holding me down as I’m gasping for air

But look the strength you have is that of a hair

Compared to what I keep inside

My flame has been held captive

Although it be a spark it is quite active

I’m ready now to be the beast I was meant to be

Not a prisoner of thought

But the beautiful happy me

I say to you

Goodbye anxiety

Because once you are gone

There will be no way of stopping me

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