3AM Thoughts

I see positivity in a new light every day. Where does it come from? Who can achieve it? I believe we are one happy thought away, at any moment, to turning our perspective to optimistic. One of my favorite quotes in the world is “Change your perspective from I’m broken and hopeless to I’m healing and growing and watch how quickly life changes.” If you get out of bed in the morning and think about the day ahead with heavy dread, it is likely to be a lame, horrible day. If you get out of bed thinking about how grateful you are for what you have and see the sun rising and blast music and think about what a gift this brand new day is, you may likely have a rather enjoyable day. If you, even for a second, became undeniably grateful for all you may have (house, healthy children, food, vehicle, heat, running water, job), imagine how little your problems appear. 

There are also helpers to happiness including but not limited to caffeine, exercise, healthy sleep patterns, hydration, music, a daylight, coloring, self pampering, a hot shower, eating healthy, setting a timer for social media…all the changes to life no matter the starting point, the finish line is not behind a crappy mood, unhealthy choices, toxicity, self doubt, grudges. Change is absolutely beautiful. It is behind confidence, kindness (to others and yourself), self care routines, physical activity, setting goals and achieving new milestones. The biggest battle we face is the one in our minds. It’s an awful thing. We are taught to eat healthy, avoid alcohol, and drink coffee to keep the brain sharp. But how about the way we process negativity? The response to a flood of emotions that cripple a certain shine.

Please keep in mind happiness is not a gift given but accredited to those who choose it. It’s a choice to wake up mad at the world. You can view your job as a cashier…and be like “It’ll never amount to anything. Just passing the time.” Or you can be like “This job puts gas in the tank and food in my belly and I am happy I get to earn a living.” It’s exhausting being insanely happy. A negative attitude is exhausting. Choose where your energy goes. 

I see “I don’t have any friends” as “eh, the phone works both ways. Maybe I’ll give them a call”. That’s an opportunity created by a mind prepared to see things in color and not simply black or white. If you are not 100% satisfied with the way life is treating you, make different choices. Life is a maze with multiple ways out, not a bleek one way street. 

I love the way flowers bloom through the cracks in the sidewalk. It shows that what is broken is still beautiful. Take your brokenness and run with it. Let light from within shine through the pain you bare. It was the cards you’ve been dealt. But maybe it is time for a shuffle of that old deck. Another fascinating quote is “The reason why the rearview mirror is so small and the windshield is so big is to remind you that what lies ahead of you is so much more important than what you’ve left behind.”

“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.” Don’t let one negative thought infect your entire day. Move through it. Overcome it. Chances are, success depends on your outlook on life. If you have a poor outlook, you may perform poorly. But if you are a go-getter, smiling in the face of a challenge, you may strike a new level of Happiness that some might call Bliss.

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