Chip & Rooster

Andrew and I adopted two little German Sheppard/Pyrnees Mountain Dog Mixes. We named Rooster on account of the German Sheppard on Secret Life of pets 2. I named Chip because my Grandma used to feed peanuts to a Chipmunk every day in the Spring and Summer & named him Chippie. Supposed to be energetic, protective, and great family dogs which meets all our requirments as we had two Cats and a German Sheppard Mix already. We wanted them all to get along and their temperment shows they will. Chip has sandy brown fur with a black snout. Rooster has Dark Fur pattern much like your average German Sheppard. They are 75% German Sheppard. 25% Pyrnees Mountian dogs. Expected to reach 100 – 150 pounds as an adult. With long fur around the ears especially.

We only went to buy one puppy but ended up getting a two for one special. That sounds weird but the woman who sold Rooster to us was super nice and of course I said I couldn’t decide. They cost $200 so that was all we brought from the ATM. Only planning to buy one puppy. But she said we could just have a second one. While I was there, there was a pure black one who was pawing at my hand. I just don’t like pure black dogs. I don’t know what it is. There is just no character in my opinion when buying a dog. Rooster has a white goatee. And Chip is Sandy Brown but that is mixed with some black fur.

So I went to our local grocery store 3 days after I got them and they are currently about 9 lbs…I seen a Bumble Bee costume. And a Skeleton costume. I couldn’t help it. So I made Rooster into a bumble bee. And Chip into a Skeleton man.

Chip as a Skeleton Man
Rooster as a Bumble Bee

I have noticed that these puppies are super smart and have been a breeze to train. Other than not being used to such small bladders and the crying in the morning. They sleep all night but wake Andrew and I up with a shrill whine. I don’t yell at them simply because they don’t understand what shut up means and I may as well let them self soothe. When they do use the bathroom in the house, I have been trying to keep them in the main living area of the house so I ordered a baby gate off Amazon. The part of cleaning up after them bothers me since I have so much to do cleaning wise. But I think I would rather clean up after a dog than change diapers. I use orange scented disinfectant spray and a vinegar/water mist to absorb the odor. Then I mop the area. I have to steam clean different spots of the carpet. It was kind of hard on them because as soon as I got them, I wanted to put them on a superior diet. They were 6-weeks old when we got them. They had been eating Puppy Chow but I switched them to Lamb & Rice Large Puppy Formula from Diamond Naturals. They were having really runny bathroom trips but as soon as I switched them, it became more and more solid which I know was good for their tummy.

So far, we have had them for a week. And one of Chips ears have started to stand up. The other one is staying floppy. Both of Roosters ears are floppy. I would prefer they stand up given the chance of ear infections as moisture gets trapped in a ear that lays flat. That is why Beagles are prone to ear issues.

We specifically chose male dogs because they are less territorial. They are protective but not as “She’s Mine” when we go on walks. They won’t feel they need to protect me from strange dogs. That is a mistake I made with my Eight year old German Sheppard Mix. I did not socialize her with other dogs so she got snappy with any dog that walked up to her. Recently, my husband has been introducing her to his Grandmas dogs and his Mothers Dog who is actually her size. But she still gets mean with other dogs on occasion. She had a bad past with Male dogs so she has some trust issues. When we first brought home Chip & Rooster, they were trying to bite Jasmine’s nipples because they think she’s mom. They are really young. Their Birthday is November 28th, 2021.

I’m kind of Glad we got 2 because now they can tire eachother out. They are playful at this stage but also heavy nappers. Rooster loves to cuddle but Chip comes up and provokes him. Then they wrestle for an hour or so. They are mischief makers together but are going to be downright beautiful dogs someday. Who love the cold weather and eating snow so far. Chip shivers easy but he is lighter than Rooster.

Well plans have changed. We were going to purchase a Casita to live in By Boxabl. But with 300 pounds of extra dog running around, now we are considering getting an actual house. The Casita is more tiny house living although you can stack and connect them overtime. I want a big yard (3+ acres) and a 3 bedroom house for these soon-to-be big guys with a dog door and a fence. As of right now, we live in about 700 sq feet. Which should be plenty. Especially since we are thinking about downsizing furniture. Which might be sooner or later given I’ve already accepted they will chew up our couch.

I am hoping they can be my running partners. I read that a 6 month old puppy can be started off with 2 miles of jogging this spring. Perfect timing. Then a 8-12 month old can run from 3-5 Miles in proper weather. This breed has great bone structure for running.

Bathtime ❤️

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