Sunrise Vs. Sunset

When I think of a sunrise, I think of the smell of gasoline on a road trip when it is humid outside but the truck has AC. I think of all the stores in the city just opening.

I think of fresh brewed coffee with light coming throw the windows. The river rushing with Chrystal clear water over the rocks on a hike through the woods going along the bridges.

Start the day getting out of a memory foam bed with a down comforter. I can see a fresh look in the mirror after 9 hours of rest.

I feel the dew from the grass between my toes. I picture the rays shining above the trees and buildings in town on our walk.

The heat of the sun starts to dry out the air. Picking out a sundress or shorts and a tank top for the day to wear with sandals. I see a beach with buoys bobbing eating Taco Bell breakfast by the water before going to the mall.

I hear The Rock Station playing with the morning weather forecast. Iced coffees from McDonalds cruising along the sidewalk on our bikes.

Laying on the carpet with the sun’s rays coming down on the floor that’s been freshly vacuumed. Yellow and flakey dandelions between my dogs toes when we take her outside.

Making eggs, bacon, and toast and eating it on the porch. Orange Juice with breakfast. Riding in an ATV on farmland. Yoga, stretching, and meditation time.

Birds chirping outside the window. Jumping on the trampoline with upbeat rock or hip-hop music in my ear.

As for the fall, giant cozy sweater with leggings and hot cocoa looking out a window in a cabin with the painted leaves fluttering in the Autumn breeze.

A sunrise indicates a brand new day and a handful of opportunities.

A sunset indicates the end of the day which can be an overwhelmingly beautiful.

Big hoodies next to a bonfire with wine coolers and good stories. Going swimming at the beach with the tide settled down for the night.

A full belly with mashed potatoes and baked chicken. Family game night with rummy, monopoly, or uno. Getting in between fresh clean linens. A time for movies and journaling

Going on late night walks with a breeze. Going on late night trips to Walmart with all the windows down. Getting glow stick necklaces. Getting iced coffees or giant sodas from a gas station.

Sunsets are a time for the heart to settle on all the glory of the day and get comfortable in pajamas.

Let the heat from a bonfire tire out your eyes. The get prepared for another beautifully sunny morning with omelets and coffee.

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