Anxiety Purse

Items to keep in your purse to help keep you from biting nails or shaking that leg:

#1 Your Favorite Pen & Small Notebook

The Pen should be either thin or short placed in the inner pocket so it can be easily accessed. The notebook should only be small to medium sized. The reason I believe this combo to be a good idea is…You can write down things in it before you go such as conversation starters, a message to read if you doubt yourself, things to share about your life. Just having thoughts organized before attending a family reunion or social gathering is useful as it can free the mind for other topics to flow.

#2 Blistex Lip Balm & Tiny Water Bottle

This seems extreme but if you experience Social Anxiety, when it comes to the hugs in the beginning, embarrassing yourself (the inevitable), or when you have just been there a few hours, you may need hydration TLC with water and Chapstick.

#3 Load your Cell Phone & Bring Ear Buds

Whether one earbud is in or you step away for a moment and put both in to jam out to some music, this can give you a moment to catch your breath and remind yourself the night is going fine. It is good to have music downloaded for offline in case there is no internet. Then in a moment when you’re just by yourself and no one’s really talking to you, having Sudoku on your phone or Bubble Shooter can be relaxing.

#4 Blush

This can work for a male or female but if you tend to blush when you are embarrassed, having blush already on makes it go unnoticed.

#5 Keys & Simplified Wallet

When you go to the grocery store, you don’t want to fumble through your wallet trying to look for everything at checkout. So, it’s a good idea to just have your debit, one credit card, I.D or license, membership cards, and change. And that’s it. Then also have your keys easiest to access in case you’re carrying things in when you get home.

#6 Dry Spray, a Hair Brush, and a Hair Clip

If you notice your sweating or that your hair is extra greasy for the day…it is good to keep dry spray, a hair clip, and a small hair brush in your bag. It can make for a nice style anytime.

#7 Blue Light Filtering or Sunglasses

Blue Light Filtering Glasses are super cute and come in so many styles. If the event your going to is outdoors, sunglasses are a better option.

#8 Chewing Gum or Mints

This is for the bad breath. It is hard to come into close contact with anyone when your breath smells like beef stew and coffee. Freshen that up by keeping ice breaker mints or chewing gum which can also help to hydrate. I happen to like Ice Breakers Fruity Cool Strawberry.

#9 A Rolled up Cardigan/Coverup

This is specifically if you begin to feel exposed even just in a t-shirt. I do no know what it is but adding sleeves to an outfit can make you stand out less and feel better.

#10 A fidget thingy

Could be a fidget spinner, something squishy, a bendy thing, a tiny Rubix Cube. Anything you can fidget with but also hold a conversation. The cellphone puzzle thing is cool. But there comes a point where if people are trying to talk to you, it’s rude to constantly look at your cellphone.

This seems high Maintenance but as I’ve heard Madea say “It’s better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.” Hope you enjoyed. (:

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