Samsung Photography:

Samsung is a better choice for professional photos:

Samsung is ultimately the best option for taking photos off just a cell phone as they’ve come a long way. The Iphone 12 has 12 MP. I have the Galaxy S21 Ultra with a 108 MP camera. Sitting back and thinking about how my Note 5 only got 16 MP is an enormous difference. But here is a photo taken on my Note 5 VS my S21 Ultra of relatively the same thing (flowers):

This is a beautiful photo but if I’m being honest, it lacks sharpness and focus on the flowers. Everything in this photo is kind of blurry with the Note 5.
Check out the dew drops on this flower. Captures the fuzz on the edges very well. While blurring the grass out in the background. This was taken with the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Portrait mode works great for family photos:

It can be tricky sometimes because first, after you have gotten everyone together for the shot, you have to allow portrait mode to capture all the faces. Often times, portrait mode requires a steady hand and about 10 seconds to gather it’s bearings and find all the faces. I believe this is where having a tripod comes in handy.

All the right gear:

You need to be dressed for the weather. Hence the image of a cozy long sleeve and a scarf with boots if it is wintertime. You also need a tripod, two 3,000 lumen vlogging lights, a backdrop, and a set of different lenses. The lenses attach to your camera by a clip where you screw in different kinds A pack of lenses come with a kaleidoscope, heughs of green, pink, red, blue for sunsets. A backdrop is only necessary indoors. Did you know you can make a green screen for very cheap? Out of construction paper!!

Here is the best set up on amazon for lighting:

Or just 2 Vlogging lights can work with a backdrop:

Best Photo editing app:

I have used an app just called photo editor. It has everything you need and then some. I would only use the Clyde filter it has though. Every other filter is too bold on the photo kind of ruining it. You can tone them down but Samsung offers a plethora of filters now that they also let you create your own!! I am starting to see you can get by just editing photos on the Samsung gallery app if you don’t like this one…It has all the tuning you need for an image: Brightness, exposure, warmth, saturation, fade, tint…etc.

This is a screenshot of what the app looks like that you can get on Google playstore.
Square Blend is another editing app where you can fade flowers over a selfie and turn any rectangular selfie into a square for Facebooks Circular profile photos using a shadow or no shadow.
Here is my current one. Never cuts anything out either.
An action shot of Jasmine running. You have to take a series of shots in a row to get good action shots.
Taken of an old Rim
Taken of a metal sunflower. Very simple.

Play around with images you already have:

To get better at editing photos, it is important to make time to edit photographs you’ve already taken. You may surprise yourself. One feature I am extremely pleased with is the “Background Effect” You can change the background blur on a portrait photo to orange, ripple, gray, and just regular blur.

Andrew and I in Selfie-Portrait mode

How to choose a place to have a session:

You’ll want to go somewhere with a lot of character. There should be old rustic buildings. Maybe a log cabin, red shed with a white roof, lighthouses, a fence with hedges coming through or vines wrapping around, a sunflower patch with haystacks to sit on. I find the best times to take photos are Spring and Summer because it will never be too cold for a little one and there are lots of flowers with color. Foliage season (Generally 2 weeks span in the fall where colors are most vibrant) if you can bundle up would make for beautiful images. A day with blue skies and partial cloudiness is ideal.

Senior Photo
Senior Photo
Senior Photo

Printing photos for people:

Make sure your work is presentable by creating hard copies of the photos you take of people and maybe keep some around to show others the work you do (with the permission in text/writing of the people you did the photoshoot of). I use Free Prints. It is about $11 to ship 85 free prints every month. If you haven’t heard of this business you got to check it out. They also have branches off that business like Free Gifts and Photo Tiles. I am not sure about anyone else but I would prefer a matt finish over glossy.

Christmas/Holiday photos:

A good way to take these photos is around Christmas lights, outside when it first snows with everyone wearing something Christmas themed. You can put a mistle toe, bells, a wreathe in front of the camera with the people in the background. I am not sure portrait will work with this idea but it would create a wreathe border around the couple.


It sounds mean but have some funny jokes to tell to an adult. Have plastic keys, or something that makes a funny sound to make a baby laugh or get their attention. For dogs…treats…always treats.

A box of clothing/Props:

I have a beautiful flower dress I keep around for maternity shoots. You can keep a bunch of dresses in this box, Medium and large size blazers or dress shirts for men. Little mittens for babies. Baby costumes. Jewelry. This can be super fun to shop for or a way to get rid of old garments. Then you can also have props such as a teddy bear/stuffed animal, battery operated fairy lights, fake flowers, a Santa Hat.

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