Introverted Extrovert

There is a happy medium between extrovert and introvert. I asked my husband what he would rather have in a relationship. You know those questions we ask husbands at 1am out of thin air. He said he would like both. He wants someone who can socialize at family gatherings but also someone who can calm down to cozy up to a movie and enjoy quiet time.

I think there are different types of extroverts. You have extroverts that get kind of annoying because they talk over people or continue to talk about themselves. I’m thinking of a scene from “Friends” where Phoebe dates someone named parker who is too enthusiastic.

The type of people who make you laugh even when you don’t want to smile are my kind of people. They are typically extroverts but they don’t talk every moment but when a joke fits, they say it and it can be meme-worthy. The type of extroverts who light up a room with their smile can be very cute. The jokes come at just the right moment. They don’t have to talk over others or be the center of attention. Rather they fill any silence in a room.

I see Introverts as extremely intelligent given they normally like to cozy up with a book. They may not talk very much but when they do their conversations are generally deep loaded with facts. I would consider my husband an introvert. He would rather be at home playing Doom or Halo than go out with friends. He would choose to create a sweet at home theater rather than go to the Movies. He would rather enjoy a cup of coffee at the kitchen table than a coffee shop. That’s why he’s the saver in the relationship.

I, myself, believe family time is important because life is a short trip and people matter and the love they share. I love to go to family reunions or dinners because I like to talk to different people in one setting because everyone has unique hobbies and ideas. Andrew, for instance, always comes up with invention ideas. People can also share advice on things you might not have talked about. I love people that have something going on like…my grandfather lost weight eating Starbursts. That was an incredible transformation story I must say.

I would say I side with both introverts and extroverts. I love to be in a two person gathering. I love to spend the day with my best female friend. For instance, one day My friend Kendal and I skipped school, got iced vanilla coffees, the sun was shining beautifully with a light breeze through the leaves. We tried on clothes at a thrift store. We went to the park in town and rolled down the hill.

I also love spending the day in fuzzy pants and socks curled up in my chair journaling or writing poems. I love when the sun is shining through the windows. I also find it therapeutic to throw headphones in my ears and play what I want and jump on the trampoline.

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