Tips for Cat Moms and Dads:

Tip #1 It’s an investment, but tidy cats 4-in-1. I’m telling you. Where I am, a 30 lb tote of it is $14. But you will not be sorry. I change my cats litter once a month. I filter it once a day going from the side down so not to break anything up. No scent lingers at all and we took the lid off

Tip #2 Speaking of Lids for Cat boxes. Generally cats longer than a foot…full grown cats have garanteed anxiety in those boxes with lids. Especially with other animals around. I actually found that My cat, Reaper, stopped spraying in front of the box once I removed the lid. He’s a long cat and turning around was hard for him. They like wide open and like I said there is 0 odors with Tidy Cats 4-in-1.

Tip #3 Have a small Step Trash Can in the bathroom with a lid to filter the litter with a grocery bag in it (make sure there are no holes in it). A tiny one can even make for 3-4 saved trips to get a bag and go to the main trash can.

Tip #4 If your cat does spray even occasionally, run a steam cleaner over it. But the best odor eliminator I have found is to mist vinegar and water mix above the floor at hip height. Guaranteed it will take care of the smell in the carpet. It smells like vinegar for maybe a few hours but well worth it.

Tip #5 Spring for a Mid-Grade cat food at the least if you want a cat with a healthy waist line. I feed my cats Purina Indoor Advantage. I trust Purina or Iams for my cat. And their coat is super healthy. No grease at all. Never given a bath. That experience terrifies me to say the least.

Tip #6 The fishing pole toys are my cats favorite but have you thought about making a fishing pole toy? Like top knotch stretchy string from Hobby Lobby that doesnt snap. My cat loves when I hang them from the ceiling. He hauls the ball at the end to the other side of the room and flings it. It’s the cutest thing.

Tip #7 especially if you have a dog, keeping a cats food up on a perch is a good idea. I got a cat tree from amazon that has one perch up at 7 ft. God my cats are spoiled. Then 2 other perches next to eachother I set their food dishes down on them.

This is how spoiled my cat is. This is the set up I had for him when I first got him.

Tip #8 MOST IMPORTANT. Not many people know this but food dishes should be platters more so. Their whiskers hurt if they touch the sides of the dish when they eat. When cats come to you for food but their dish still has some food left. It’s no joke. They actually can’t get to it.

Tip #9 Put Vinegar and water on a paper towel and rub it along any cords they like to chew. They will not like the taste of that.

Me and my cat are closer than most people and I.
He looks chonkey in this but he not. It’s the angle. Tell em Tigger.
I think this is cat yoga. He thinks mom needed a helper.

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