The Love of Coffee

I could drink coffee black, over ice, hot, filled with creamer, frozen, topped with Reddi-whip and sprinkles, minty…A day without coffee is like a year without rain. Okay maybe that’s drastic. But I tried to give up coffee once. I sat in a corner with my knees at my chest eyes open wide with a 32 ounce plastic cup of coffee between my palms. Couldn’t help it. Can’t say I’m proud of it but that’s got to be my low point. My eyes were as wide as my cats get when they get a little too much catnip.

I prefer coffee black for it’s fat burning abilities. And creamer ends up making a cup of coffee go from 5 calories (a mint) to 100 calories (a cookie). Everyone has their preference. This way, I can make a half-pot at home and call it a day not having to spend $7 on a coffee. I don’t like to spend money on coffee since I have two coffee makers at home. I have the Keurig Duo (with the pot and single serve option) which is a great choice. I got it on Black Friday. I posted a link below to get it on Amazon. Now let me tell you I am extremely impressed by this $30 Iced Coffee Maker (My second coffee maker). It it the Mr. Coffee iced coffee machine. It comes with a cute clear tumbler. I put 3 scoops of coffee grounds in it. The Java tastes incredible. I would recommend this coffee maker not even if on a budget. It’s a must-have for iced coffee drinkers.

I generally get a medium Mocha Frappuccino with two shots of espresso from McDonalds. That is my favorite coffee to order. There used to be a coffee shop 100 miles south of here called Java Junction. I’m not going to lie. There would be days Andrew and I would make that trip. For the people who run it and for the quality. I remember the first time I went there and ordered I believe it was a banana chocolate Frappuccino with double shot. The man asked me for I.D. I think the best reaction is when Andrew and I pull into Biggby Coffee at 8pm and order our double shot coffees. I swear their expecting someone with hair sticking up and eyes about to fall out of their head. Nope. Just a couple weirdo 20 somethings with no better plan than to stay up all night rearranging furniture and dancing to Ghetto style music in the Livingroom…scaring the cats.

I didn’t used to like coffee very much. When I was about ten, my grandma had a fresh pot of coffee each morning. So one morning, I had some. Grandma told me to try to dunk these chocolate-vanilla cookies in them. That was pretty good. But when I really started to like coffee was when Andrew and I got our house four years ago. We went to McDonald’s and got iced vanilla coffees. They were always the bum diggity. And then we went for a walk in town before work. I have been a addicted to coffee wince I was about 17 years old. It gives me a certain…sparkle.

These days, I use coffee as an energy boost since I am a Stay-at-home wife. I got a lot of cooking and cleaning to do. So, in the morning when I emerge from my cocoon of a thousand blankets. I throw on my slippers (not literally throw but I’m pumped), turn on my stereo and dance around the kitchen. My cat will not have the most energy. No way sister. Then I brew my pot of coffee and dance some more. I curl my hair. Do some dishes. (This is at 3 am). That coffee lifestyle. There is a YouTube video I love called a mother making a difference. She says “Who’s ready for second dinner!?” Every day, man. Can’t stop that burst of energy. You know that moment when your cat like revs up before barreling towards you. Or he is staring at you from the side of the bed with only his eyes. That’s my energy.

This was a morning we went on a walk. It was always about sixty degrees on our walks.
This is Andrew and I having breakfast before he went to work with Iced Vanilla Coffees.
This is a photo of Andrew while we had breakfast sandwiches at McDonalds

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