New Girl is my comfort show

In terms of comedy, I love to turn on the subtitles on Netflix when they say random things and it comes across the screen. This can also work for Greys Anatomy.

Like when Nick Miller said “I am definately attracted to lady bugs” and that is what showed on the screen. Or when Shmidt says“It’s like you’re ripping the side block out of my mental Jenga! I’m totally falling apart!” 😂

I love the songs they choose for the sweet moments. Like when Cece & Shmidt had their wedding ceremony in the loft. They chose the song “Still” ~ Seinabo Sey.

I found it interesting when I looked it up that Jess’s glasses didn’t have lenses. In my opinion, they are one of her best features. I also didn’t put together that Zooey Deschanel was on Elf too until this Christmas Season.

Interestingly the actors said they were fired didn’t quit. They wanted to keep doing more seasons but Fox made it come to a hault because Season 6 had such poor ratings. Below is the article where I found this.

The main Character, Jess, can also teach a lot about kindness and following your heart. She is quirky but she also sticks to strong standards. Like when the girls in school were reading “The Pepperwood Chronicles” and were trying to be her friend before teacher, she corrected them and set them in the right direction. She is also direct in telling people how she feels.

New girl is super realistic about relationships when it comes down to it. The fights between Nick and Jess are comedic and actually that is a good way to keep things good is to fight yelling things that make no sense. That’s what’s great about certain relationships is you learn maybe nothing has to end up making sense. 🧡

I love Winstons strangely fond love for his cat, Ferguson. It reminds me that it’s actually kind of normal because each character has their own quirks. I also love Winstons girlfriend /wife Allie in the show. Mainly because of the scene with Winstons Ex wife where she wanted Allie, Cece, and Winston to do a prank with her. I know most girls would have been opposed but then Allie comes back harder and says “You just got Allied!!”

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