My Grandmother

My Grandma is my best friend hands down. She will always be my best friend. She is one of those people who I still see her like she’s 20 years old. She does not participate in internet. No social media. She only has a landline and a TV. She still lives the simple life and I love it. You know my Grandma means so much to me. I don’t think I can ever love a person this much. I love my husband but I feel the love between a Grandma and Grandchild can be unbreakble. Who generally pulls the family together once a year for the holidays? Grandma and a 25 pound turkey.

Let me describe my Grandma to you. In a word…Selfless. Give you the shirt off her back is an understatement. My grandma would give you a place to stay if your cold. She would cook you dinner even if she had to make a fire. When it came to buying little gifts of appreciation, my Grandma has been the best at it. She used to buy me little jewelry and clothes. She still buys me little socks because she knows I love ankle socks.

Up until I was about twelve, I stayed at my Grandmas every weekend when school got out and most of my summer. She always made me Mac N Cheese, hot dogs, and French fries. I just got to say it’s a good thing you got a good working metabolism that age. She just loves taking care of people. That is pure and that is rare. I always thought my Grandma had a pure soul.

When I was little, my nuclear family used to have bonfires outback of Grandmas house. My mom straightened my grandpas hair, we had a kids pool, Grandpa made Burgers with Sweet Baby Rays with Tom Petty on the stereo. My mom had board games in the camper. My parents tried to teach me poker. Nah man. They stole all my chips.

You can also see her love in the way she was willing to be in a car and make coffee on a fire for two years of my Grandfather and her relationship. That’s real humbleness. That is down to earth. Love overtook. My Grandma doesn’t have to imagine what it is like to go without because she has been without a thing. She spent life making memories, having belly laughs, learning. She could read two Stephen King books in one day I swear to you.

I want to give my Grandma a spare heart if I had one. I want to renew her legs. She will always be a young person to me because she LIVES HER LIFE. When I was in high school and I had any issue at all, my Grandma would answer that phone and before I knew it, my tears dried and I was having some of those belly laughs.

She was gorgeous at 20 and there are days I still look at my Grandma and think with every wrinkle that woman is young. She is though. Because I would like to think in a very real way, beauty shines from within. And in terms of kindness and selflessness, her beauty inside refreshes her and she looks young again.

I always swore, the day I lost my Grandma would be the day my life would turn for the worst. But my Grandma is tough as a brick. She taught me that no matter what happens in life, I have her with me. My grandma taught me that. And I swear there were nights when I couldn’t go to Grandmas and I could feel her embrace just by thinking about her smile and the warmth of her hug.

I would like to think I got my positivity from my Grandma because she has been through everything meant to break a person but she stuck through it. I strive to be more like my Grandma everyday. She got a problem thrown at her and she moved through it. Imagine if we all thought like that. Living life as if “You never know.” Imagine if we just went for that job application and didn’t talk down to ourselves. But just went into that interview.

My Grandma is beautiful. She taught me to love Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Loretta Lynn, Trace Atkins. My Grandma taught me not to make 9/11 jokes. Like if someone else wants to make them…you do you. But the great thing about having a Grandparent around this many years is their stories are spewing with details and my Grandma taught me “What if it were you” type thing.

You ever seen those pictures comparing hands and it says “Life is a short trip” And isn’t it though? I mean we all chase that dollar like it will be a legacy. No. Your legacy is how you made someones day, how you emitted happy energy that stole the room. How beautiful your heart is. That’s your legacy. We look down at our devices for hours of the day. I want to look into my Grandmas eyes and laugh while she tells me stories about those good ol’ days. But the good old days can be now. Start having a good day today ❤

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