Life of a Home Maker

People tend to assume myths about stay-at-home wives. I would like to debunk these and share my experiences as well.

Myth #1: A stay-at-home wife sits around in sweatpants and throws in a TV dinner when her husband gets home. In other words people tend to think women who stay at home must be lazy or run out of things to do. I live in about 650 square feet and I can tell you there is never a dull moment. Daily activities include setting appointments, cooking & dishes, grooming the dog, working out, mowing the grass/leaf blowing, laundry, vacuuming/mopping, other hobbies…etc.

Myth #2: Women who don’t work must let themselves go. If the lifestyle a woman chooses is sedentary the metabolism will slow down and weight gain is more than likely. But aside from daily chores, I do two workout programs, dance, and jump on my trampoline. I also like to go in town for runs/bike rides in the summer. I have been doing Shaun T’s Hip-Hop Abs Program for a year in February where I lost 60 pounds. I just recently began the Zumba Fitness Program. I had to double up because my goals are bigger than one workout program. I was just not meeting my standard quota or muscle definition.

The best way to become a homemaker is to first examine the budget and see if you can afford the loss of one income. The median household income in 2020 was $67,561. I feel, the income in a household should meet or exceed this number to make for peace of mind. This route, car troubles, piping issues, or unexpected expenses shouldn’t become a burden but an obstacle.

There is also a lot of upkeep on appearance involved if you want to use valuable spare time well. I tend to do charcoal or eucalyptus face masks. I paint my toes. I shower every single day and usually curl/straighten my hair. It’s naturally thick and mostly straight. Keeping up with hair removal, doing eye brows, wearing perfume, doing makeup some days, creating a cute style for the day. A lot goes into looking your best and it can end up with you feeling your best. The exact reason I would like to debunk that myth that women let themselves go. That can really mess with mental health when you don’t get beauty rest and take care of your skin and hair.

You most certainly should have your own “thing”. My thing is blogging, yoga, calling my loved ones, sewing, and drawing. I also love just sitting by my daylight I got on Amazon. Supposed to help with the “wintertime blues”. It does give me a burst of energy in combination with a half-pot of coffee and my good morning playlist. The songs on that play list include “A Beautiful Day” by India Arie, “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield, and “Good as Hell” by Lizzo.

And you should try to remain social. Not just on Facebook. I like to call my best friend or go to my grandmas and have coffee in the morning. I also like to head into the city to go shopping at the mall or thrift shops. If one gets too comfortable being alone, social anxiety could develop and just going and getting groceries can be stressful.

Warning: A half-pot of coffee can lead to dance-cleaning. You should forewarn your cats/dogs accordingly.

Typically, my husband comes home to me cooking and singing into my spatula with the sound bar blasting Tech9 or Alicia Keys. It just depends. We like to get right to dinner then watch 30 Rock. Tends to be Taco Salad, Tater Tot Casserole, Pork Chops and Rice, or Spaghetti.

Then I get to my workout since workouts are more effective right before bed vs in the morning. I used to think otherwise until I read some studies on the matter. Here is a link to one below. Especially with stretches and breathing exercises post-workout. Makes for long-lean muscles.

Here is a list of TV shows I like put on in the background while I clean:

  • New Girl
  • Big Bang Theory
  • How I met your Mother
  • Greys Anatomy
  • Law and Order SVU
  • Fuller House
  • Friends
Here is a photo of my office set up. I got the desk and pink chair from staples.
Here is a photo of my dog emerging from her cacoon in the morning.
Here is photo of me when I choose curls
Here is when I choose straight

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