The Sweet Life

This has been a snowy start to December Up North. My Family gave me a weekend to remember. We had lots of ham and potatoes. A lot of laughs. Mom got a black mixer and we were trying to come up with a name for it at dinner…..I came up with Miss Mix a Lot. Glad no one was chewing a big bite because everyone laughed. Dad said, “I bet it will make good buttermilk buiscuts.” Mom added, “Well, it’s Sir Mix a Lot so should it be Lady Mix a Lot.” I challenge anyone to come up with a more accurate name for this kitchen applience. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Woke up Saturday Morning with a ton of energy. Andrew was airing up the tires. We were dancing outside the vehicle until they were done. The sun was just beautiful. Andrew, my brother, and I all went to Family Fare Supermarket to pick up groceries. Then we went to Dollar General. The cashiers at both these stops were talkative. I like that. I love happy people. We stopped at Mcdonalds. Sun was shining through the windows. We got Egg Sandwiches of some sort and Frappes with Espresso. We listened to John Denver “Take Me Home Country Roads!!”. Then some Tech9. Interesting combination. My brother picked “Party in the U.S.A.”…I have to look up to meet your eyeline. But Party in the U.S.A…sounds about right I suppose. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I made my first batch of cookies ever with my brother. They were apple sauce-oatmeal cookies with caramel drizzle. My brother had the idea to add hersheys caramel which I think made them perfect. I only made one mistake which was big blobs of cookie dough for self rising flour. Still never had apple flavored cookies before. Yummy.

Mom is the best cook. She made speggeti with homemade pasta sauce. Another night she made Mashed potatoes with corn and ham….nummy. For lunches we just made sandwiches with ham and swiss cheese.

I got the house ready for Santa. Greens and Reds all over. Their new house has a log cabin feel with a wood stove which makes it toasty- cozy. I have a lot of energy and decorating, home improvement, any sort of cleaning is super satisfying. So I went to the garage and found any sort of Christmas box I could.

We watched a couple Christmas movies. Elf and The Grinch. They are my favorite Christmas movies. Kind of wonder which is worse. The “Super Size Me” Diet or the “Maple Syrup, Marshmallows, and Pop Tarts on Speggetti” diet….

It’s Monday morning. Our car is piled with snow. My super coolmom-in-law is playing Beat Saber on the VR glasses. So far, I’ve called my mom. Had some coffee and watched Secret Life of Pets. We have to leave soon to make sure our cats still have food but this was a top knotch weekend. Lots of belly laughs.

“I’m just a happay. Happay dog. I’m just a happay happay happay dog.”
Check out those smoldering eyes
They have a pup that looks like a lion
We brought our pup, Jasmine. She loves the woods and chasing their Doggie.
I believe this weekend was a wonderful idea for Andrew and I. Happy Holidays.

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