Why John Mulaney is the best comedian

Andrew and I have watched Mulaneys acts on Netflix a dozen times. There are 3 of them. They are called New in Town, Comeback Kid, & Kid Gorgeous at Radio City.

I like him because he doesn’t need to make jokes about touchy subjects like Tragedies or making fun of a certain gender or race. These comedy acts don’t bother me but I love the fact that he doesn’t need to bring it up to make a good show. His acts are a lot of story telling. Very vivid descriptions.

His impression of Ice T. on Law and Order SVU is my favorite. I love his impression of Bill Clinton saying ” I like your button.”

I like his energy level. He’s always moving around the stage. When the comedian just stands in one place, it makes it dull in my opinion. But when you can see a certain “sparkle” or “pizzaz” in the act, that’s entertainment.

I like how he is always wearing a suit. I’ve seen comedy acts where they wear leather jackets, dress shirts, blazers. But John Mulaney is always decked out in a suit which is pretty cool.


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