Essentials for a good nights rest:

#1 Stetch and meditate before

You should stretch your legs, back, neck, and shoulders. and use a massage roller on the back before bed. And use an app that allows controlled breathing as it can help to fall asleep. Also can try placing legs up the wall to allow the heart muscle to slow.

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#2 Have a down comforter and a memory foam topper

A down comforter can be like a weighted blanket but also so puffy it’s like laying under a cloud. Use sheets that allow your skin to breathe.

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#3 Finish eating and drinking 3 hours before sleeping

Going to sleep on a full stomach is super uncomfortable and can make it hard for the body to metabolize what you ate while it is at resting state.

#4 Take a melatonin early

You should take a 5mg melatonin tablet 3 hours before you plan on going to sleep.

#5 Stay away from the Blue Light an hour before sleep

Make sure you don’t expose your eyes to a cell phone an hour before bed. The TV can be fine surprisingly at the proper setting . Brightness, contrast, & back light.

#6 Wear what is comortable

Shorts and a tank top, sweatpants and a t-shirt, a night shirt, fuzzy pajama pants. Whatever makes it easy for skin to breathe.

#7 Call someone or journal before bed

Call someone and tell them about your day. You get to express yourself and they get a phone call from you they might wait for. You can also journal to write about your day so you might not go to bed thinking.

#8 Have a sound in the background

A fan on low, dehumidifier, heater, rain sounds on cell phone, or instrumental music.

#9 Take care of heigene before

Brush teeth and hair. Put lotion on. Remove makeup and wash face. Clean ears.

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