A Day Out of Town

November 22nd, 2021. I went on a day trip with my Grandmother in Law. I have always loved hearing people tell stories about their lives but I learned a lot of interesting things. We spent about 6 hours together.

First thing we did was go to my psychiatry appointment out of town at one in the afternoon. She gave input on how I’ve been doing which I find helpful. This can be beneficial for anyone to have someone come who has been witnessing your behavior to divide opinions and thoughts on what medications are working and what to do next. 🙂

There is a state hospital next door where the basement has been turned into a gift shop with restaraunts and a café. The Café is called Cuppa Joe’s. We got Mocha Frozen Lattes with double shots of espresso and blueberry/cherry scones. There was a husky mix there named Roxy I got to pet. And someone took our photos. That is an act of kindness I do not think people realize how helpful it is.

Then we went to Aldi’s and did some grocery shopping and talked about beauty products. I learned I am not handy with the carts that take a quarter.

The best part about that day was just getting lost in the company of a family member. Interesting conversations about the challenges of mental illnesses & learning about her past. She is a fantastic story teller. Making plans for taking photographs in the future.

We spent our time on the way home lost in conversation. We listened to music and chased the Sunset shining below dark clouds.

She is so interesting and fun to be around. I’m lucky to have married her Grandson to have more years of memories. Thank you for the awesome day!! Here’s to many more. (I can almost say here’s to without juice) ❤❤

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