Ways to instantly feel happier

#1 Pamper yourself

You can do a face mask, take a shower, blow dry and style your hair, paint your fingers and toes, do your make up. All of these things can enhance confidence in the moment and after.

#2 Exercise

From my experience there is no better feeling than the feeling you get right after an intense workout. Even if you do them right at home. There are so many DVD sets to choose from. You got Jillian Michaels workouts, Zumba, Hip Hop Abs, P90X, Insanity…all from amazon to own a hard copy or you can find some of these if you get Beachbody on demand.

#3 Have a cup of coffee

Coffee has been proven to be a mood booster as long as you don’t go overboard. One cup should be enough to get a kick. More than that could trigger anxiety and elevated heart rate. I love having one and calling a friend or watching New Girl

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