Workout Recovery Essentials

During an intense workout, the muscle tissue is tearing to later multiply and expand. I have some tips especially if you are just starting a workout program. I do a dance program called hip hop abs. Standing ab exercises. These tips are for Post-workout recovery.

#1 Stretch directly after the workout and before bed

It is good to stretch if you are looking for long lean muscle. Stretching will make it so you don’t bulk up as easy but the muscles kind of flatten out.

#2 Drink a protein shake after or have a Tuna Sandwich

It is best to eat after a workout to take in healthy calories with protein to help the body heal faster. An empty stomach can be make your body feel worse when you are healing.

#3 Get a good nights Rest

The body actually does most of the muscle building process at night. When you sleep it helps restore muscles to get back to it the next day. And then the workout for the day might feel easier on you.

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