The Dark Sides of Skinny

I did not think this was an issue before I reached 220 pounds. But there is a dark side to skinny not a lot of people discuss.

People never know if a girl is suffering from anorexia or bulimia.

Some people will never know that there are some body types where you cannot gain weight no matter how much you try. Maybe a girl wants to be curvy in all the right places. And she eats herself sick trying.

Sometimes girls get underweight to where they can feel their ribs and their spine ridges or their shoulder blades.

This kind of thing is real. It is not advertised. But sometimes skinny is not healthy and curvy can be curvy-sexy.

Some girls are skinny post-toxic relationship where he took her food. They exsist.

Some girls try to gain weight but the weight just isolates to their mid section.

Women love one another and encouarge fitness. The standard in society of the perfect body is just data. How does she feel inside? That is what matters.

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