A Sunrise is a new beginning

Every day is a new set of choices. And each choice you make results in the way you feel in the future. You can choose to be on a cellphone for hours. On that cell phone you can download Duolingo and learn a different language. You can spend it taking beautiful photographs. You can also spend it watching YouTube. And those choices can all have different outcomes.

You could be more comfortable traveling if you know some of each language. You can sell the photographs you take or offer a photography service for weddings. You can watch YouTube videos on your phone about fixing a vehicle so you can fix your own vehicle in the future.

I mean one day I decided to cut my own hair. I did a good job. Then my Grandma let me give her a hair cut. My mom said she might let me cut her hair and that could lead to going to school and becoming a hair stylist. But I never would have known I could cut hair until I picked up the scissors and went for it.

I never thought I would lose weight. I went months of working out not losing a pound. I was working out hard. I didn’t look at the scale for two weeks. Then I looked at the scale and I had lost 5 pounds in two weeks. It took time, dedication, consistency, and knowing exactly what I want and wanting it bad enough to workout each day and make difference choices.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I felt that insanity. If I wanted to be better, I had to throw away old habits.

My favorite quote:

“If you want success as much as you want to breathe. Then, you will be successful.”

Here is a link to a video I find inspiring in the morning and puts me in a good mood.

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