My Cat Tigger

I did not know I would even like cats until I brought home my baby Tigger. I am going to share some of the cute things he has done that turned my heart to mush.

#1 When he was a kitten, Tigger loved the fishing poles from Walmart

I used to hang the string from the ceiling beam with a thumbtack and Tigger would grab ahold of the ball at the end, walk it over to the other side of the Livingroom and sling it back by letting go and he would do that for hours.

#2 I have found cats will play with anything noisy or sparkly

I feel like the entire isle of cat toys could be replaced by bins of everyday items. My cats have chased around milk jug rings, my wrist strap to my wallet, hair ties, any sort of amazon packaging, bread ties, pen caps. I swear it does not cost a thing to entertain my cats.

#3 My cat makes sure I never have a mouse problem

Tigger likes to play with the mice before he gets them. They almost become buddies like tom and jerry. The mouse and Tigger will literally have a stand-off from the Livingroom to kitchen. And I think that the worst part is I bought him sparkly balls and I am terrified when he walks up to me all smug and I’m like “Awe! He got his little ball….No.” It has a tail. I’m just glad I keep him indoors.

#4 The Cat Nip…

I think I almost have a heart attack when I give Tigger too much Cat Nip. His pupils cover the iris. Every movement I make with my foot…he’s watching. I like to call that butt thing cats do when they want to chase or play with something “Revving up”. He revs up and all I can see is his black eyes. I cover my feet in fear that they look like T-Bone steaks to a 10 pound predator.

#5 The way he shows affection

Tigger Head bunts me. He sticks his butt in my face (it’s proven this is a high form of affection, I swear.) He lets me hold him like a baby. He slow blinks from across the room. He grabs my face with his paws. But the cutest thing is he knows mommy hates spiders. So one night in the kitchen I saw I spider like a quarter size big. Then Tigger runs up and steps on it. Imagine this. He looks at it. Like his paw becomes apposable. He turns it up to where he can see his catch. And eats it off his paw. Thanks Buddy.

#6 He chunky…at certain angles

Everyone says I have a fat cat. I say he is small or a perfect size. I think when cats fold up and stretch out like…an accordion, it does not help their case. He starts to look like a bread loaf when he tucks his legs in.

#7 When we went to the vets office last time

I know that cats are smart and I’m sure they have great memory. We like to go to the local animal hospital for shots and checkups. Well, Tigger was due for his Rabies shot. And when we get back to the exam room, the vet opens his cage and Tigger is just chilling in the back. But when the vet went to pull him out, he clung to the sides of the cage. The vet actually tried to tilt the cage and wiggle him out but the final solution was to take the cage apart.

#8 My dog makes a great cat-dog duo

My Grandmother was sitting on the couch one day and shouted “Chrissy!!” I asked her what was wrong and she pointed at the hall and there Jasmine was feasting on Tigger. I was like “psshh they do that a lot.” When my dog gets stressed, she likes to grab my cat by his head and drag him away. But I never get concerned because Tigger just lets it happen. It’s like normal. He never cries. It’s actually why we keep a big toy around so maybe we can help save Tigger when Jasmine gets stressed.

#9 The way he looks at my lamp

Tigger gets freaky looking in my light when he sees it’s covered in moths in the summer. He loves to catch them just like mice but since his pupils shrink in the light his eyes give me nightmares.

#10 When he parkours

I have watched Tigger parkour so many times. One time he jumped from his post to my chair, jump off the chair but before landing on the ground his back paws land on the couch cushion and he pushes off. No cat nip required to see that.

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