Runners High

There is something about running that can be compared with weight lifting. When I used to deadlift in Gym Class, I put mind over matter. I didn’t think about failing. I took the bar in my hands and went for it. I dead lifted 220 pounds one day. You have to be brave. You have to think strong.

Running makes me feel opposite. I feel like a weight is lifted off me. I can see the stop sign showing my run is done but my legs just keep going. My breathing becomes consistent. I can hear the birds. See the sun rising in the morning.

I love to run in the light of the rising sun. Because a new day equals a new opportunity to be better than yesterday. A new chance at life. It’s an opportunity to release all the worry of yesterday. My feet hit the pavement and there is no stopping the beauty of this day. Every step. Every Breath. Of the fresh, crisp morning air. I feel unstoppable.

On the days I run with music, I listen to the songs that get me pumped and motivated at least at the beginning of my run. Some examples are Motivated ~ NF, Headstrong ~ Trapt, He’s a mental giant ~ Tech9, Sober ~ Pink, Creature ~ Jelly Roll…etc.

My Dog Jasmine is my running partner.
Here is Jasmine smiling on our run.
Then we get her an ice-cream cone
Here is her Frog costume.

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